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Paige Ryan - the Promising Victorian Prospect

"Advice I would give is never give up no matter the circumstances, anything is possible if you put your mind to it."


Here at Minutes with Moose, we strive to bring you some of the best young football prospects from around the country.

And we are glad to say that we have found another great youngster to add to our list.

We are of course talking about the Point Cook product and Western Jets player, Paige Ryan.

But what is it that makes Paige such a promising footy prospect?

Well for starters, despite being just 15 years of age, she certainly has footy experience.

Considering she began at the Sanctuary Lakes Sharks and spent four years with them before moving to the Point Cook Bulldogs, where she has remained for the past three years.

“I have been playing footy seven years, which I played footy with the boys from under 9s to under 14 and then swapped to girls and have been playing with them for three years.”

So, having seven years of football experience already, is a very positive sign to say the least.

However, it is what she has managed to achieve during those seven years that is truly special.

And that is because her long list of accolades includes being awarded the Coaches award as well as the Most Courageous and Most Consistent awards.

Likewise, in 2015 she finished third for the Best and Fairest with the boys.

Add to this, the fact that she finished runners-up to both the 2016 WRFL Best and Fairest and her club’s Best and Fairest, and it equals a player with some serious potential.

But as impressive as all of this sounds, it is far from the only footy achievements she has.

Because, as well as being a part of the Western Jets for the past two years, she also won her club’s U15 Best and Fairest in 2018.

And the biggest sign of her potential came this year, when she once again won her club’s Best and Fairest but this time “by 86 votes with the final count at 154”, which is remarkable to say the least.

However, there is much more to this midfielder’s story than just a long list of achievements.

And these range from her favourite memories from football;

“So, in the second game of interleague, I didn't play that good, but I redeemed myself in the third game with three goals and my most proud goal was from the boundary.”

“And in my 50th game I was captain of the side and we won.”

To what it is that she enjoys most about her beloved game;

“I like making new friendships, the roughness, getting your anger out and the competitiveness. And just the amount of contact. I also like running.”

But how exactly did this promising prospect get into football to begin with?

“When I was really little, I used to watch my older brother do AusKick I was about two and my dad coached him, and all of a sudden I joined in with the boys his age and then dad started to coach me as well.”

However, there is another way to measure Paige’s potential rather than just looking at her past, and that is by seeing how she feels towards her clubs. Because with the right amount of passion, anything is possible.

For starters, how does she feel about her current home club, Point Cook?

“Point Cook is a supportive club, friendly girls. We have about five girls’ teams and they know where talent is and who has the potential to go far and help you to achieve your dreams.”

And what about the Western Jets?

“A lot of hard work and determination, pushes you to your limits, but the amount of support from the coaches and peers is amazing and helps you get through the difficult and challenging moments.”

So, despite everything she has already accomplished, with such highlights as “making the Jets; finishing second in the league’s Best and Fairest, meeting Emma Carney and getting an AFLW scholarship for Maribyrnong College”.

She is still very humble, which is exactly what we want to see in top prospects.

And of course, considering everything she has accomplished, there are some people she would like to thank;

“Cleo Saxon-Jones, for all encouragement and Kerry Saunders she is one of my coaches and she pushes you to your limits.”

“Just knowing that my family has always got my back and that they will always support me and encourage me with whatever I put my mind to they will help me accomplish it.”

So, what exactly is next for Paige?

“My goals for the next year are to make the Western Jets under 18s and make the Vic Metro under 16s.”

But as always we cannot say for certain where Paige’s bright career can take her, but at the end of the day, she is one extremely promising player that is worth keeping an eye on in the not so distant future.


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