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Pip Davis - the Super Saint


What a makes a good forward?

Well there are several ways to judge a forward but there are also several things to take into consideration. Ranging from the number of games played in season to the quality of the opposition.

But when it comes down to just how many goals were kicked in a single season, Wollongong’s Pip Davis certainly stands out to us.

Booting 59 goals during the 2019 home and away season is impressive enough, however the fact that she managed this feat while playing in the Div. 1 Sydney Women’s League, makes it that extra bit more notable.

But with any story it best to begin at the very beginning, and Pip’s football story began at a very early age, back before there were established pathways for female footballers.

“I started when I was 9 playing for my local club, the Northern District Tigers in Woonona. Then I wasn’t allowed to play with the boys once I turned 13 and there were no girls’ comps in the area.”

“So, I was forced to have a break until I represented NSW when I was 14. After that I didn’t play again until 2018 when I joined the Wollongong Saints and have played with them since.”

Despite being forced to stop playing, the fact that she began at an early age might help explain why she has developed into such a dangerous forward.

However, there is one major flaw in this theory, and that is because she didn’t spend that time as a key forward.

“As a junior I played half forward or on the wing/midfield and then when I first came to the Saints I played on the wing for my first year.”

“Then I got put at full forward this year even though I have never played there, and I guess I found my position.”

Booting 54 goals during your first season as a full forward is a unique circumstance we must say.

And as for how she managed this feat, well we are not entirely sure; however, it may have something to do with these following points.

“I don’t have a specific technique I guess. I do take a reasonably short run up and always make sure I kick through the ball.”

“I’m a little superstitious though and I always spin the ball backwards twice before starting my run up.”

While these points may help explain how she managed to pull this off, we are certain that her passion and dedication towards football and her own game have some effect as well.

Because if you are passionate about something enough, then nearly anything is possible, including booting 54 goals during a single season.

“I really enjoy just being able to stay fit and have a run around with your mates every weekend, to be honest I just really love the sport.”

And this love of the sport also stretches to her home club, the Wollongong Saints.

“Playing for Wollongong has been awesome; they are the best bunch of girls and make playing so much more enjoyable.”

And even in her own words it is difficult to point out a single favourite moment “because literally every game and training session is a blast”.

And “anything in my juniors really because it inspired me to start playing again”.

So not only is she one of the most dangerous forwards that we have come across, but she is also one of the most passionate players.

And of course, with passion like this, it helps explain how she has managed to achieve the success that she has so far.

Besides claiming the Sydney Div.1 League Leading Goalkicker award for the 2019 season, she also represented New South Wales in the U16 state team when she was just 14 years of age.

And her team also won the 2019 Sydney Div.1 Premiership.

Which “was so amazing and such a privilege. The team really pulled together in the last quarter and it was just such a massive effort from every player.”

Keeping in mind the journey Pip has had in football thus far, from starting at an early age only to be forced to stop due to a lack of opportunities, then to make such a huge impact upon returning to football, it isn’t a surprise then that there are people she would like to thank for helping her through this.

“I would say the biggest thank you would have to be to my dad. He’s taught me everything I know. My brother taught me a lot as well.” Also, “my coaches as a junior.” “And of course everyone at the Saints, the players and coaches, they have helped my game improve immensely.”

So, what is next for this extremely promising forward?

“I don’t have any immediate goals at the moment as I’m focusing on university and just enjoying footy for the time being.”

But “I guess just improving on my own game and to continue developing as a player as well as a teammate.”

It is scary to think of what she could be capable of doing up-forward in years to come considering the start she has had.

And with some more development, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see this passionate player kicking goals at the highest tier possible.


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