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Player Profile: Layan Saadeh

Nickname: Laser

Current Club: Woodville - West Torrens

Position: Defender

First-Year of Footy: 2017


Pregame Tradition:

Half a banana and a Voost Energy as soon as I enter the clubrooms before a game.

Favourite Pre-game Song:

Uprising by Muse

Favourite Oval:

I’d say Norwood oval in a twilight game. The oval is neither small nor big, and when there are people watching, the oval just has amazing vibes all around. Something about it.

image kindly supplied by Layan.

Favourite Footy Moment:

Winning my first ever Grand final last year for my local team, Goodwood. My first flag in 5 years of footy!

Funniest Footy Moment:

Anytime my teammate, Audrey Holt, is on the mark.

Funniest Teammate:

Chloe Charity. Everything she does makes me laugh.

Best Player You've Played Alongside:

School football with Lauren Young. She’s even better when we’re out enjoying our footy with nothing to lose.

Best Player You've Played Against:

Jemma charity when we both came back to play local footy last year. Her performance always made me so grateful that at least we’re teammates at the SANFLW level.

Have You Played Any Other Sports?

Yes! I came from A soccer background, and I’ve been doing surf lifesaving since I was 11. I still patrol but I don’t compete in surf lifesaving.

What Made You Want to Play Footy?

Probably my friends and watching Port Adelaide matches! My friends all started playing footy for our local team next to our school so I thought why not give it a go. And I loved every minute of watching Port and always wished I was out there with them.

What Advice Would You Give to Other Players?

Make sure you enjoy your football while giving it your best shot. I always saw huge growth in my performance during times when I actually just played for the love and enjoyment of the sport!

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Photographs were kindly supplied by Layan.

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