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Rayne Rivalland - the Talented Kookaburra

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

The talented Kookaburra began playing football back in 2014, when she played school football with the boys in year five.

From there;

“I started playing club footy two years ago in 2017 for the Kenilworth Football Club in the U14 girls’ team.”

For what she loved most about the game;

“I enjoy playing as a team, making new and great friends. But I also like being able to run around on the field and at training with my friends and teammates. I also enjoy how football is a fast and contact sport and keeps you on the go. It is my happy place!”

Not only does she enjoy the game, but she has created plenty of opportunities and memories from it.

In fact, over the course of the next five years, Rayne has achieved a considerable amount of success, having played football across Australia;

“On October 2017, I participated in the South Australian state AFL Australian Post U15 Girls Multicultural Diversity Championships held in Byron Bay. We played all the other states such as QLD, NSW, NT, ACT, WA and Tas. The championships were held over a week and in that time, we played up to two games a day.”

“At the end of the week after the Grand Finals, we had a ceremony that consisted of the announcement of the couple of girls from each state that made the AFL Multicultural Medleys team. It was my first year trying out and participating in the multicultural team and then I heard my name get called out. I was so excited to be in the team with new and great girls.”

“Then in July 2018, I went over to Melbourne with two of my teammates that got named too. Over in Melbourne we played two games against the Woomeras Indigenous team.

“Then later in the year of 2018, I tried out for the U15 School Sport State Team for South Australia. After the trials I found out that I made the team.”

“Then from the 21st to the 28th of July, we played all the other states here in South Australia. We had a great team of girls with great skills and potential. On the last day we played for third spot against the Northern Territory and we managed to take the win and the bronze medal.”

Not only has she been performing well while representing South Australia, she has also been impressive with local football.

Mentioned earlier was that Rayne began playing at Kenilworth in 2017 but remarkably that same year she finished runner up to the Best and Fairest in just her first season.

“Then in 2018, I played for the U14s and U16s and I got the Best Team Person Award for the U16s.”

On top of performing well in local footy, her hard work and dedication has paid off and has been rewarded with a spot in South Adelaide’s junior female pathway.

“I have been playing for South for three years since they’ve started the girl’s development squads.”

And during all this time, Rayne has created some cherished memories;

“Some of my favourite memories was when I made my first tackle in year six for school footy because I felt so good that I made my first tackle! Also, making the state and South teams because I felt happy and proud on how far I had gotten and that where I’m going in the future, and because I have made a lot of amazing friends along the way too.”

“Another good memory I have is coming third and winning bronze in the state U15s team in 2018.”

“Also playing my first club seniors’ game in 2018 at the age of 15 and being able to play with great teammates and having amazing coaches, supporters, the best family and friends alongside, helping and supporting me and all the girls too!”

A clear sign of Rayne’s humble and helpful nature is the fact that she not only plays football, but she also helps-out wherever she can;

“I help with the two-time premiership South Adelaide women’s team; I helped on game days and at training by running water and just by helping where they needed help. It was really cool because I felt good as I was helping people and I was and am still a part of the game even though I am a little young for the women’s team.”

She doesn’t stop there either, because if playing football wasn’t enough, she also helps umpire;

“I also do goal umpiring with my brother when we aren’t playing games. It is a lot of fun and good pay. We started goal umpiring last year and have gone up to Div. 3 men’s A and B games since then.”

And to add to her umpiring and playing skills, she also has some generous advice;

“Some advice for girls that want to try footy is just to have fun, make lots of friends and if you have a goal such as kicking goals or going to the AFLW, just give it your all. Don’t give up and no matter how hard it may be there are heaps of people that will help you through the rough patches and will stand by you all the way.”

Despite everything she has achieved so far, she is still very laidback and as any laid-back person does, she isn’t afraid to see the funny side of a situation;

“A funny part of my footy was when I was participating in Byron Bay for the multicultural team and during the finishing ceremony, when they called out the names of the girls that made the Medleys they called my name out but because they spelt it wrong they said Rayna instead of Rayne so now everyone calls me Rayna.”

And along with her laidback, dedicated and humble nature, she is also very appreciative, especially of those who have helped her with her promising career;

“I would like to thank my family, my coaches, friends and teammates for all your support, help and encouragement for me and my footy. I appreciate everything you all do, from the little to the big things!”

With a great attitude, great mindset and a great set of skills. With just her talent alone shown through the fact she can play anywhere she is needed;

“My preferred playing position is back pocket, full back or even in the forward line.”

Going forwards for the promising young prospect;

“I would love to go further and hopefully play alongside some amazing players and for the Adelaide Crows!”

And there is no reason that Rayne can’t fulfil her dream.

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