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Renee Roberts - the Rising Tiger

"Definitely give it a go; be confident and don’t give up"


We have said it once, and we will say it again; Glenelg was the surprise packet of 2019.

Their senior side overcame a mid-season slump and came storming into the SANFLW finals. Likewise, their U17s side also found form and made the SANFLW U17s Grand Final.

Why are we telling you this?

Well if you are like us, then you like to keep an eye on the players who are climbing the ranks of football. And with this mind; we can make an educated guess and say that the surprise Glenelg has in store for us next year, may relate to one of their very promising youngsters.

And we are of course talking about the Morphettville Park product, Renee Roberts.

As always, it is best to start a story from the beginning. And surprisingly, Renee’s sports story began with basketball;

“I played basketball for about two years before I started football then wanted a change and firstly got involved with school football which made me love the sport.”

And since she has made the switch;

“I have been playing for four years. First year was just for school, second and third year was with Plympton footy club and this year I started playing with Morphettville Park and Glenelg.”

While she has only been playing football for four years, three of which was club football; she has earned more than her fair share of accolades;

“I was in the U15s All Nations state team in 2017; got the Best and Fairest runner up 2017 and 2018 at Plympton footy club; played in Morphies A grade team and school runner up Best and Fairest in 2018.”

And along with these accolades; Renee has created her fair share of great memories as well;

“Favourite memory was definitely kicking my first girl in A grade this season. Also really enjoyed travelling to Byron Bay with the state All Nations team in 2017. As well as probably being Captain of my Plympton team in 2017 and 2018.”

“Byron Bay was definitely a big highlight of 2017. Travelled up there with a great group of girls who were all fantastic at football and made great friendships that will last a long time. It felt good to represent South Australia.”

Obviously, being a Captain shows a great level of leadership. However, Renee’s great mindset stretches further than just holding the mantle of captain.

And this is simply shown best through the passion she holds for the game she plays;

“I definitely enjoy the competitiveness of the game as well as being able to meet new people and build connections.”

“Now training with the Glenelg senior squad has been a massive eye opener in regard to the vast age group of the game with girls with different backgrounds which I absolutely love.”

“I also enjoy footy because of these friendships I make with both players and coaches which will last a long time.”

An example of these friendships is best displayed through “one teammate in particular, Tessa Kohn.”

“Tess and I became very good friends after we both started and Morphies this season and been in the exact same footy teams through school and club, we’ve really worked together to help improve ourselves this year and we can both see it. Whether it was having a kick and catch or smashing out a gym session.”

“At times where we felt like giving up, we were both there for each other and pushed through. Appreciate her more than she knows.”

“She’s basically my partner in crime.”

And this brings us to our next point; while Renee enjoys the game and playing alongside her teammates; what does she feel towards her clubs?

Well school was where it all started; so, how does she feel about representing her quite famous school?

“Playing for Sacred Heart is such a great honour. The school offers girls many opportunities within football which we all make so much of. The Sacred Heart spirit is just unique and there’s nothing else like it.”

While most probably wouldn’t have such kind words for their school, Renee is the exception. But what about her feelings towards her home club?

“My first season out a Morphies was great. Playing in the A grade team made me develop a lot as a player and it was great to meet and become friends with new people.”

And finally; how does she feel about her beloved Tigers?

“It has been really good so far. Being one of the youngest there makes me look up to a lot of the older and more experienced players who I am learning a lot from. The players and coaching staff out at Glenelg are very supportive and ensure improvements personally and as a player happens. It’s great.”

And this bring us to our last question; which seems to be the hardest to answer. Which is, what position does Renee actually play?

“Well that’s a hard question right now because I played most of the season as a defender, which I enjoyed. And then during the last few games they moved me down forward where I managed to kick a few goals and really enjoyed it.”

However, a question that isn’t hard for her; is who she would like to thank for helping her throughout her footy career thus far;

“Probably just my coaches, friends and family for being very supportive and encouraging throughout the years.”

And while she may not have much of an idea of what she would like to do once she finishes high school next year; she at least has a good idea of what she wants to achieve in football next season;

“Getting a few games with the Glenelg senior team next year is a big goal of mine. As well as possibly trialling out for the U18 state team.”

However, even though we have spent this time highlighting just how good Renee could possibly be; her dedication and great team-first mentality means that she has the potential to still surprise us.

And this is because, while she already has pretty good skills, her dedication and passion will mean that she can continue to develop rather quickly; just as she has done over the past four years.

Meaning that the sky is pretty much the limit for Renee Roberts.


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