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Roxy Beuzeville - the Young Wolf

"Just have fun with the people around you, and enjoy the sport."


The final game of the 2020 AFL Sydney Women’s Premier Division was as big of a game for Roxy Beuzeville as it was for the Manly Warringah Wolves. At just seventeen years of age, it was certainly a milestone game for the young player—only made more sweet by the fact that it was also Manly Warringah’s first season in the Premier Division.

The Wolves, who suffered just one loss during the home and away season to claim the Minor Premiership, managed to hold off the Inner West Magpies to win, 6.10 (46) to 4.1 (25). A result that Roxy describes as being “so good”, especially considering the extra pressures that 2020 had offered.

“We went through a tough year with COVID-19 yet came together, training hard as it was our first year in prems and taking it out.”

While the premiership was a well-deserved reward after standing almost unbeaten during the tough 2020 season, it was also the icing on the cake for what has been a promising five years of football for Roxy.

These five years of football have been spent with the Pittwater Tigers, and of course the Manly Warringah Wolves—and while she has found success playing for both these sides, she also holds both in a high regard.

First off, she says that playing with the Tigers has been “lots of fun.”

“… I have Met so many new people and had a great coach.”

Likewise, she has also enjoyed her time with the Wolves, despite it coming with extra challenges.

“It was a real good experience playing against much better older players, some of which played for the Giants played for Manly.”

'The Mighty Tigers' - image kindly supplied by Roxy.

Besides club level football, Roxy has also been able to make a mark in representative football, having played for North Sydney on many occasions. Yet, arguably the best moment of her time spent playing representative football came during mid-2019.

This was because she donned the colours of the New South Wales state side, which she describes as being simply “awesome”.

“… We travelled to Melbourne and played against the metro team up there but really got to experience the whole deal. Just being a part of something so big was a great experience.

As well as this, she is also in the running for a spot in the Sydney Swans Academy. But even if she does not get in, the fact that she is still quite young means that there we still be many more opportunities for her in the not-so-distant future.

But while her footballing future looks bright, she still has not let that get the better of her—which is best shown through the fact that she still holds gratitude towards who have helped her during her promising footy career.

“My junior coach, and parents have impacted me to improve.”

So, what is the next chapter for this talented young Wolf?

In her own words, her football goals for 2021 beyond are “just developing my skills and making those important teams”.

2020 was a big year for both Roxy Beuzeville and the Manly Warringah Football Club—but keeping in mind how much she has achieved during the lead up to the final game of that season, it is fairly safe to say that this just the beginning of her promising footballing journey.

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