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SANFLW Round Three Recap

Round three of the SANFL Women’s competition gave us a lot to think about; from West Adelaide suffering their first loss of the season, to both Sturt and Glenelg winning their first games of 2020.

And it has also set up a mouth-watering contest for the following round, with the only two undefeated sides, South Adelaide and North Adelaide, going to head to head.

So, join us as we recap on round three of the SANFLW.

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Central District v Glenelg

1.4 (10) to 8.12 (60) @ X Convenience Oval

Glenelg bounced back in fantastic fashion to win their first game of the 2020 season, defeating the disappointed Bulldogs by 50-points at X Convenience Oval.

It was almost a sense of redemption by Glenelg, who had suffered a 40-point loss the previous week.

As for the Bulldogs, well this was the second week in a row that they have managed just a single goal. Likewise, this marked the second week in a row that the Bulldogs had lost by 50 plus points.

From Glenelg’s perspective, they were in control for most of the match and would have put it away earlier if it wasn’t for them booting five behinds in the opening quarter. Although by halftime they were already leading by 37 points.

However, the Bulldogs did hold the Tigers to just three more goals after halftime, but while the Dog’s defence regrouped, their offense couldn’t.

But even if the Bulldogs kicked straight, it wouldn’t have changed much, as they had five scoring shots to the Tigers 20.

And the Tigers dominated most of the other stats, as they won the inside 50s, 36 to 18, and the clearances, 24 to 15.

Stand Outs:

For the Bulldogs, Demi Sonneman was certainly the standout, finishing with 19 disposals and six rebound 50s.

But the player of the match, was easily Glenelg’s Caitlin Gould, who finished with 17 disposals, six marks and four goals. But special mention should also go to Brooke Tonon, who collected six disposals at 100% disposal efficiency and even booted a goal during her debut.

What We Learnt About The Bulldogs:

It is hard to say where the Bulldogs are at, after winning round one in a hard-fought battle against Norwood, things were looking extremely promising. But the past two performances have been anything but. However, keep in mind, we always thought that Glenelg were going to be good this season and as for their other big loss, well that was against North Adelaide.

Once they come against Sturt and the Eagles, it will be a lot easier to decide where they stand, however we believe they are still a middle tier side, around a 5th or a 6th spot finish.

What We Learnt About The Tigers:

We always thought that Glenelg were going to be dangerous but after those two first weeks we were getting worried. Similar to Centrals, one of Glenelg’s losses came against North Adelaide, despite Glenelg having more scoring shots, and the other loss came against West Adelaide, who are so far the surprise packet of 2020.

So maybe Glenelg just had a tough start, or it took their new players some time to gel into the side, either way they have proven that they can win. Now they just need to improve on this in order to push North and West.

North Adelaide v West Adelaide

6.6 (42) to 3.3 (21) @ Flinders University Stadium

The fast-starting Roosters came out on top during the top of the table clash against West Adelaide by 21 points at Flinders University Stadium.

North Adelaide certainly started the better of the two sides, as the Roosters headed into the first break with a 2.3 (15) to 0.0 (0) lead.

After the first break, things were a lot more even, with the two sides dealing blows. In fact, after quarter time, North Adelaide would go on to have seven scoring shots to West Adelaide’s six for the remainder of the match.

There were times when the Bloods put a lot of pressure on the Roosters and even trapped it within their forward 50, but they just weren’t able to fully capitalise on their chances. A scoreless third quarter all but sealed the Bloods fate, although credit to them for not fully rolling over in the final quarter.

North Adelaide won the clearances, 20 to 18, and the inside 50s, 31 to 21, however the main difference was the pressure that the Roosters put around the ball, as they laid 20 more tackles than West.

Highlight of the game goes to Abbey Hardwick, who early into the fourth quarter, took off running and shrugged a tackle before kicking truly to get a goal and put some life into Westies.

Stand Outs:

It takes a lot to stand out during a top of the table clash, but Ashleigh Woodland and Zoe Venning were certainly stand outs for their respective teams.

North’s Ashleigh Woodland collected 22 disposals and booted three goals while West’s Zoe Venning finished with 28 touches and six marks.

What We Learnt About The Roosters:

After three rounds they are still the team to beat, which is why we simply cannot wait for the North Adelaide versus South Adelaide match up.

Their biggest strength continues to be their forward line, which is why it will be interesting to see how they can perform against South Adelaide’s backline, which proved against Norwood that they are one of the best in the league.

What We Learnt About The Bloods:

West Adelaide do have some things to work on before they can become a serious Premiership contender, especially working on starting faster which really did cost them against North.

But they certainly showed impressive signs, trapping the ball in their extremely dangerous forward line was certainly a highlight, and as their young talent continues to develop, they will only get better.

Woodville-West Torrens v Sturt

4.4 (28) to 5.6 (36) @ Flinders University Stadium

Sturt defeated a bitterly disappointed Eagles to win their first game of 2020 by eight points at Flinders University Stadium.

Football is a funny game and looking at the results so far this year, there only seemed to be one clear winner.

On one side we had Sturt, who had lost their last two games by a total of 55 points, and on the other side we had the Eagles, who had lost their previous two games by a combined total of five points.

The game itself was of a high standard, despite their ladder positions. As both sides seemed to match up almost perfectly on each other.

Sturt played their best and most consistent football all year, with the side playing well in the first three quarters before managing to hold on in the final quarter to come out on top.

Credit to Sturt who managed to trap the ball within the Eagles forward 50 for the final few minutes, no doubt thanks to some huge pack marks.

The Eagles love to run with the football and put immense pressure around the ball, which they did thanks to their 71 to 53 tackles.

However, Sturt simply slowed the game down and didn’t allow the Eagles their preferred playstyle, as the Double Blues collected 27 more marks than the Eagles. They also finished with 23 more inside 50s than the Eagles, however they had 21 less rebound 50s than them.

Stand Outs:

Jaimi Tabb (three goals) and Stephanie Walker (17 disposals) were certainly the Eagles standouts.

As for Sturt, well Alex Ballard was definitely their most dangerous forward with two goals. While as usual, Georgia Bevan was dangerous around the ground, finishing with a game high 19 disposals

What We Learnt About The Eagles:

Their losing streak now sits at 13 as they look towards Glenelg. Unlike last year, where besides the games against West Adelaide, the Eagles didn’t look capable of winning too many. This year is certainly different; however, they just cannot seem to get over the line.

All the pieces seem to be there but only time will tell if they can finally click.

What We Learnt About The Double Blues:

Was this just a game where they bet a team that was around their level, or was it a sign of something more?

Sturt have beaten the Eagles in the past, but with their young side, this might be the much-needed confidence boost and belief that they need.

South Adelaide v Norwood

9.2 (56) to 4.2 (26) @ Flinders University Stadium

The Panthers equalled their biggest ever winning margin over Norwood, as they defeated them by five goals during Saturday night’s clash at Flinders University Stadium.

It was an overall great game, with both sides dealing blows during the opening half and both teams opening up the ground and rebounding out of defence.

It wasn’t until the third quarter that the game really began to open up, with South Adelaide booting four goals straight to Norwood’s one goal.

The highlight of the game would be by far the Panthers defence, who remained solid and composed despite numerous inside 50s by the Redlegs.

In total, Norwood had 36 inside 50s to South’s 25, but not only did they remain steady, they also managed to rebound it into attack, as South collected 32 rebound 50s to 15.

With South’s link up plays proving to be too much, especially during the second half of the match.

Stand Outs:

Two main stand outs for the Panthers are quite easy to see, as Jess Kirk booted four goals and Teah Charlton finished with 26 disposals.

As for Norwood, Matilda Zander (nine marks) and Jade Halfpenny (19 disposals) were their best performers in our eyes.

What We Learnt About The Panthers:

Well we already knew that their backline was good, but after watching them Saturday night, even we were surprised.

At the other end of the ground, South’s main weakness may prove to be one of their main strengths, as they had five individual goalkickers, while Jess Kirk has now booted seven goals during eight quarters of football.

What We Learnt About The Redlegs:

As we said in our predictions, the circumstances that Norwood’s women have found themselves in have certainly left the door open for North to capitalise on.

So far we have been right, but we doubt that Norwood will drop off completely. They are still a finals chance, but they will have to battle mainly Glenelg for that spot.

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