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SANFLW Team of the Future - 2020

The 2020 SANFL Women's season gave us a glimpse at some of the countries best footballers, with the likes of Anne Hatchard, Sarah Allan and Ebony Marinoff all donning the colours of their SANFLW side. However, the 2020 season also provided us with a glimpse into the future with many promising products enjoying strong debuts or standout seasons.

Ranging from the already well-known Zoe Prowse to the ever-consistent Zoe Venning and to the breakout debutant Hannah Ewings--we have put together the brightest of the bright into our 2020 SANFLW Team of the Future.

Scroll down to see the Team of the Future plus a small breakdown of the named squad.

Captain: Hannah Ewings Vice-Captain: Gypsy Schirmer

In a promising sign for the future of the SANFLW competition, this year's Team of the Future heavily consists of players from the bottom-placed sides of Sturt and Central District. The former of which has the most named players in the side with six. Despite including an extra emergency there were still several promising products that were unlucky to miss out--with the most notable being South Adelaide's Tahlita Buethke, Central District's Kimberley Fry, and West Adelaide's Abbey Hardwick.

As for the leaders, the obvious choice for the Captaincy goes to the brightest prospect that is currently playing in the SANFLW--Whyalla's very own Hannah Ewings. The Vice-Captaincy goes to a player that had a disrupted start to her debut season but was quick to make a mark--which was none other than the Christies Beach product, Gypsy Schirmer.

Forward line:

The forward line provides a promising glimpse at Sturt's future scoring power, with Alex Ballard and Georgia Swan being named at full-forward and centre half-forward respectively. The fast-paced Zoe Venning, the strong-marking Alana Lishmund, and talented small-forward Brooke Tonon also call our potent forward line home.

The final spot in our forward line goes a silky and speedy midfield/forward who is also our Vice-Captain, Gypsy Schirmer.


A dangerous Glenelg midfielder in Tess Kohn headlines our fast-paced midfield which includes Eagles debutant Charlotte Dolan and South Adelaide debutant Lauren Clifton, both of whom were products of their clubs U17s sides.

Back line:

For our Team of the Future we decided to try and pick a fast-paced and reliable defence that is full of rebounding potential--and there isn't many players that fit this description as much as Tamsyn Morriss. Likewise, Eagles defender Tesharna Maher and U15 All Australian Defender Keeley Kustermann, also bring pace to the side.

Also named down back is a versatile Northern Territory prospect in Mattea Breed, as well as first-year Panther Georgia Pennifold. The final spot in defence also goes to the youngest player in the side who also happens to be another U15 All Australian member, Lauren Young.


Perhaps the easiest decision when putting together the Team of the Future was deciding who would fill the ruck position--which of course the first player to come to mind was the standout Double Blue, Zoe Prowse. Joining her amongst the followers is our fast-paced and clean-skilled Captain, Hannah Ewings--as well as another fast-paced and relentless attacker of the footy in Central District's Laitiah Huynh.


Amongst our interchange players is a standout Sturt product in Isobel Kuiper as well as the hard-working Maddy Lane and the father-daughter product, Jade Halfpenny. The final player amongst our rotations is one that was unlucky to be a starter, and that is the West Adelaide ball-magnet otherwise known as Abbie Ballard.

A duo of Sturt youngsters that made standout performances during their debuts are including in our emergencies, which are Tiah Hough and Kiera Muller. Keeping with the duo theme, a promising duo of Central youngsters round out our 2020 SANFLW Team of the Future, which is none other than Aisha Thomas and Lauren Breguet.

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