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SANFLW Team of the Week (Round Four)

It was a weird and wonderful round of SANFLW footy, for reasons better or worse.

West Adelaide and Norwood had the first ever SANFLW draw, while the top of the table clash between North Adelaide and South Adelaide came down to the wire, which was eerily similar to the round four match that occurred exactly 364 days prior between these two sides, with the only difference being that this time North kicked the winning goal.

And of course, for the first time in their history, the Eagles women won a game.

Considering this, it was a shame that half the games couldn’t be attended, because of the SANFL’s strict safety regulations due to the coronavirus.

So, from history making results to playing during a pandemic, we have taken all the best performers from this weird and wonderful round and put them into this week’s SANFLW Team of the Week.

Scroll down to see the team list and a breakdown of every player named, stay tuned for our SANFLW Round Four Recap.


Coach: Tess Baxter Captain: Zoe Prowse Vice-Captain: Courtney Barry

Due to the close nature of half of this week’s matches, the Round Four Team of the Week has been by far the most difficult to pick, with several good players missing out on selection.

As it stands, only Matilda Zander and Melanie Elsegood remain as the only players to have made the past four Team of the Weeks. And once again, each of the eight clubs has been represented by at least one player, with North Adelaide, South Adelaide and West Adelaide holding the most spots.

As for coach, it was a toss up between the top of the table clash or the historic first win, but we eventually decided to pick Eagles Head Coach Tess Baxter as the coach of this week’s side. As for the leaders, we have gone with Sturt’s Zoe Prowse, who had an outstanding performance on the weekend, and South’s first year player, Courtney Barry, as the team’s Captain and Vice-Captain respectively.

Scroll down to see a breakdown of each players performance.


Forward Pocket

Kiana Lee (Woodville – West Torrens)

Kiana Lee continued to show why she is regularly labelled as one of the best young forwards in the league. Not only did she boot three goals for the Eagles, but she also managed a strong five marks and two tackles to help set up the Eagles victory.

Full Forward

Nicole Collie (Woodville – West Torrens) The Eagles forward line was impressive on the weekend, with six of their seven goals coming from Kiana and Nicole. As far as individual performances go, Nicole Collie had very dangerous and impressive performance up-forward, finishing with three goals, four tackles and three marks.

Forward Pocket

Kelly Barltrop (North Adelaide)

She has been labelled as one of the best forwards in the competition and Kelly Barltrop showed it on the weekend. Finishing with two goals and three marks, she also won the top of the table clash for North Adelaide off her own boot.

Half Forward Flank

Zoe Prowse (Sturt)

Zoe Prowse has earnt the captaincy of this round’s Team of the Week and it is easy to see why. In one of the best performances this round, Zoe finished the match with a game high 23 disposals as well as four marks and three tackles. She also managed to kick a goal and collect ten clearances, making this an extremely promising sign for the young Double Blue.

Centre Half Forward

Rachael Killian (West Adelaide)

Rachael Killian was one of West Adelaide’s best during their draw on the weekend. She finished the match with a strong 17 disposals, two marks and five inside 50s. However, the best aspect of Rachael would have to be her disposal efficiency, which currently sits at 84 percent.

Half Forward Flank

Jess Kirk (South Adelaide)

After a big performance during Round Three, we expected to see something again from Jess Kirk and she certainly delivered within just the opening quarter, as she managed to boot two goals. This now sees her goal tally for the season sit at ten, meaning that she is also still leading the league in total goals scored this SANFLW season.


Matilda Zander (Norwood) As one of only two players that have made every Team of the Week this year, Matilda Zander was at her usual best on the weekend. The humble Redleg finished the drawn game with a total of seven tackles and three clearances. She also led the way with a game high 22 disposals and a team high seven tackles.


Courtney Barry (South Adelaide)

Courtney Barry received the Vice-Captaincy of this round’s Team of the Week, thanks to her impressive display during the Panthers narrow loss on the weekend. While 2020 marks her first year of SANFLW football, she has certainly made an impact early, as Round Four saw her finish with a game high 23 disposals as well as eight clearances and five tackles.


Lauren Daniel (North Adelaide)

Lauren Daniel continued her run of impressive of performances on the weekend. In total, this talented Rooster collected 18 disposals, four marks and three tackles. She also created plenty of chances for her side, as she finished with three clearances and three rebound 50s.

Half Back Flank

Kimberley Fry (Central District)

Kimberley Fry is often regarded as one of the best young defenders in the competition and on the weekend, it was easy to see why. While the Bulldogs didn’t get the win, they would surely be happy with Kimberley’s performance that saw her collect a total of 12 disposals, four marks two rebound 50s.

Centre Half Back

Joanna Baltais (Sturt)

Joanna Baltais is one of those players that certainly goes under the radar, but she certainly played a role during Sturt’s impressive win on the weekend. In total, she finished the match with ten disposals and a strong four rebound 50s.

Half Back Flank

Mattea Breed (Norwood)

Mattea Breed has continued her impressive start to the 2020 SANFLW season, collecting 17 disposals, four marks and four tackles during Norwood’s match against West Adelaide. Add to this, a total of five clearances as well as a goal, and it equals an extremely bright sign for the rest of her football career.

Back Pocket

Jaslynne Smith (South Adelaide)

The Panthers backline had a hard time containing North Adelaide’s dangerous forward line and there were a few Panther defenders that could have easily made this week’s team. But with 11 disposals, eight rebound 50s and five marks, the reliable Jaslynne Smith was too good not to mention.

Full Back

Kirsti Harvey (North Adelaide)

While the Panthers had more inside 50s on the weekend, it was because of players like Kristi Harvey that they were able to hold on and win. In total, Kristi had a game high eight marks as well as six tackles and a total of eight rebound 50s.

Back Pocket

Tessa Kohn (Glenelg)

Tessa Kohn continued her run of impressive games by being arguably Glenelg’s best performer on the weekend. Tessa collected a game high 18 disposals, which sits nicely alongside the seven clearances and five tackles she managed as well.


Rhiannon Metcalfe (Woodville – West Torrens)

Rhiannon Metcalfe certainly showed her class during the Eagles historic first win on the weekend. In total, she collected 16 disposals, four tackles and four clearances. Add to this, 26 hit outs and four inside 50s, and it explains exactly shy she was selected as this week’s ruck.

Ruck Rover

Nicole Campbell (South Adelaide)

Nicole Campbell showed exactly why she was drafted by the Adelaide Crows. Round Four saw her play in the blue and white for the first time this SANFLW season and she instantly made her presence felt. She finished the match with an equal game high 23 disposals as well as nine tackles, three clearances and a goal.


Rachelle Martin (West Adelaide)

Rachelle Martin was outstanding during West Adelaide’s draw with Norwood. In total, she collected a team high 21 disposals as well as managing a total of nine tackles and five clearances.


Shelby Smith (Central District) As one of two Central players to make this week’s team, Shelby Smith was impressive during the Bulldogs Round Four defeat. In total, she finished with a team total of high 15 disposals as well as a game high ten tackles, making this another very promising sign for this talented player.

Czenya Cavouras (South Adelaide) Czenya continued her stand out year during the round four match-up against North Adelaide. In total, this athletic Panther finished with 21 disposals as well as seven clearances and a team high 12 tackles. Making it just one of many impressive performances from her this season.

Lauren Gauci (North Adelaide) One of two Lauren’s that were impressive for North Adelaide during their nail-biting win on the weekend, Lauren Gauci collected a team high 19 disposals as well as four tackles and three rebound 50s.

Maddi Newman (West Adelaide) Maddi Newman certainly showed her class during her return to West Adelaide on the weekend. The young Adelaide Crow collected 18 disposals, four marks and two tackles while also creating plenty of chances for her side with four inside 50s and four rebound 50s. If she keeps this up, it will only be a matter of time before she regains her spot in the AFLW.


Chloe Forby (Woodville – West Torrens) Chloe Forby continued to make a name for herself during the Eagles first ever SANFLW win. Finishing the match with 11 disposals, five clearances and seven tackles. Add to this, a total of five inside 50s, and it equals a very promising sign for the rest of Chloe’s career.

Cristie Castle (North Adelaide)

Cristie Castle had yet another overall great performance on the weekend for North Adelaide. All up, she gathered 13 disposals, three marks and three tackles. She also added to her goal tally, with one very important goal.

Melanie Elsegood (West Adelaide)

Melanie Elsegood remains as only one of two players that have made every Team of the Week so far. Round Four saw her boot two goals, while also managing a comfortable three marks.

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