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SANFLW Team of the Week - Round Nine

There's two weeks left and the race to the finals took another turn with the Panthers bringing Norwood's winning streak too an end while Sturt registered a massive win.

Round 9, 2019 saw the Panthers bring Norwood's eight game winning streak too an end. Round 9, 2021 saw the Panthers replicate it--but this time they brought too an end Norwood's seven game unbeaten streak. Norwood's inaccuracy early proved costly, but they were able to regroup and push late in the match. However, they were unable to redo the damage that the Panthers had already inflicted, 4.3 (27) to 2.9 (21).

The Double Blues overcame a slow start to keep their finals chances alive with a 9.8 (62) to 3.1 (19) win over the Eagles. Kicking just one behind during the opening term, Sturt were able to mount a massive turnaround--which was spearheaded by Ballard's three goals.

Glenelg were able to hold off the fast-finishing Roosters to register a 5.5 (35) to 4.6 (30) win. Leading by seven points at halftime, the Tigers lead was cut to just a single point by the final change as the Roosters piled on three majors. In the end, back to back goals by Girvan within two minutes was just enough to see Glenelg outlast the Roosters.

Ailish Considine was influential during the Bloods win over the Bulldogs, 6.9 (45) to 5.3 (33). Facing off against a star studded Westies outfit, Central District struggled during the opening half but were quick to turn things around during the final stretch by kicking three fourth quarter goals. Yet this proved too little too late.

Scroll down to see this round's Team of the Week, plus a small breakdown of the squad.

Captain: Teah Charlton Vice-Captain: Ailish Considine

The Round Nine SANFLW Team of the Week sees the giant-topplers South Adelaide, the star-studded West Adelaide, and big winners Sturt all sit with the most named players with four. Following closely behind them is Norwood and Glenelg, both of whom have three players represented.

The Captain of the Round Nine side goes to South Adelaide's Teah Charlton, who proved to be a major deciding factor during the Panthers much-needed win. Likewise, Ailish Considine gains the title of Vice-Captain after having a similar affect for the Bloods.



Familiar named West Adelaide forward kicks off this week's attack, with Melanie Elsegood joining the side on the back of her two goal performance. She is joined by Lakeesha Pickett, daughter of Byron Pickett, who was one of the few highlights for the Eagles as she finished with two majors.

Continuing her run of standout SANFLW performances was Chloe Scheer who, despite not getting the result, should still be happy with 12 touches, 4 tackles and a goal.

A gun young forward from the Double Blues joins this week's attack, with Alex Ballard making her way into the team after kicking three majors and collecting a game-high six marks. She is joined in the attack by Glenelg's Meara Girvan, who finished with three majors--two of which back to back during the final term.

The final spot up forward belongs to the South Adelaide debutant, Jordann Hickey, who finished her first hit-out with 9 disposals, 3 tackles and a much-needed goal.


Rucking duties belong to the AFLW listed Glenelg ruck, Caitlin Gould, after she collected 29 hit-outs, 18 touches, 5 clearances and a goal during the yellow and blacks' statement making win.

Teah Charlton, this week's Captain, finds herself amognst the followers after putting on an incredible display for the Panthers. Finishing with a game-high 29 touches and a game-high 7 marks, Teah made her presence felt around the ground by also collecting 6 clearances and kicking an impressive goal.

The final spot amognst the followers belongs to a player that could become the next Teah Charlton--which is West Adelaide's Lauren Young. The Bloods' young gun finished with 18 touches, 4 clearances and a team-high 6 tackles.

In the middle is another West Adelaide player that starred during the Bloods win, with Ailish Considine backing up her last performance with 25 disposals and two goals--which makes it a worthy performance for this week's vice-captaincy.

One of the wings is home to North Adelaide's Katelyn Pope, who finished with a team-high 19 touches as well as 3 clearances, She is joined on the opposite wing by the very versatile Glenelg gun, Jessica Bates, who finished with 24 disposals, 8 clearances and 7 tackles.


A Panther premiership duo makes up this week's defense, with Lisa Whiteley joining Jaslynne Smith. Lisa finished with 21 disposals, 6 marks and 3 rebound 50s, while Jaslynne collected 20 touches and 5 tackles--Jas also prevented a certain game-drawing goal.

Sticking with the duo theme, two Norwood players also join this week's backline with Ashlee Gould pairing up with Sophie Armitstead. Ashlee finished with 13 touches, 4 tackles and 4 marks while Sophie finished with 12 disposals and 6 tackles.

Also in this week's defense is Shannon Murphy, who tried her best despite coming up against quality opposition--finishing with 12 disposals, 7 rebound 50s and 4 tackles.

The final spot down back belongs to North Adelaide's Lauren Gauci, who finished with 6 marks, 5 tackles and 5 rebound 50s.


Headlining this week's rotations is Norwood's Najwa Allen, who finished with a team-high 18 disposals to go along with her 4 marks and 2 tackles.

West Adelaide's Richmond recruit, Sarah Dargan, is also amongst the rotations this week's after collecting 19 disposals, 5 clearances and 3 tackles.

A Double Blues' pair also joins the rotations, with young-gun Zoe Prowse joining ball-magnet Alisha Gepp. Zoe collected 14 touches, 5 tackles and a goal, while Alisha continued her strong form by collecting a game-high 20 disposals as well as 4 tackles and 3 clearances.

The final two spots in the Round Nine SANFLW MWM Team of the Week belong to Sturt's Jaimee Wittervan who finished with 19 touches, 7 tackles and 7 marks, and Eagles' Annastasia Falkenberg, who finished with a team-high 18 disposals and a team-high 7 tackles.

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