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SANFLW Team of the Week - Round One

The SANFL Women’s is finally back, and what better way to sum up a weekend of great footy than to take all the round’s best performers and put them into what we like to call, the SANFLW Team of the Week.

All these players have been judged purely on their round one performance, so previous accolades are not considered. Also, unlike our other lists, if an AFLW listed player is playing during that round, they are eligible to be named in our Team of the Week.

And although we tried match our team sheet with the positions that these players were named in for their respective clubs, some players are still slightly out of position.

So, for the first time this season, here is the SANFLW Team of the Week for Round One.


Head Coach: Shaun Ribbons Captain: Cristie Castle

Vice-Captain: Shelby Smith

As with our SANFLW Dream Team and Team of the Future, the Team of the Week for Round One saw every team represented by at least one player. With the Emergencies for the squad being a form of notable mentions.

And due to Central District’s historic win on the weekend, we have chosen the Bulldogs Head Coach, Shaun Ribbons, as the head coach for round one. Narrowly, beating both Tess Baxter and Krissie Steen.

The Captain and Vice-Captain of the team were also difficult to choose, so to make things easier we went with players from two of the winning sides. North Adelaide’s Cristie Castle as Captain, and Central’s Shelby Smith as Vice-Captain.

Despite the performance of North Adelaide, only two of their players made the squad, due to the fact that it was a very even performance across the entire side, making it difficult to pick the best. In saying that, Harvey, Daniel and Tynan were very unlucky not to make the final cut, however there is always next week.

Likewise, Norwood also suffered a similar fate, with a pretty even contribution from the side, making it difficult to point out a few.

Central District’s can continue their celebration of the weekend, with four players named as well as the Head Coach. In saying that, both Demi Sonneman and Amber James were also unlucky not to make the final side.

Along with the familiar names, we have also tried to include some stand out younger players or debutants in order to keep the team fresh, or else each week would be a very similar side.

If you want more information on the opening round, visit our SANFLW Round Recap, and if you want to see us break down the performances of each player in our Team of the Week, please scroll down.


Forward Pocket

Sam Franson (Glenelg) As a midfield/forward, Sam Franson was one of the Tigers best performers during their round one defeat. She finished the match with a team high 16 disposals (15 kicks, one handball) as well as a game high six tackles. She also came close to adding to her goal tally, but unfortunately finished the match with just two behinds.

Full Forward

Katelyn Rosenzweig (Central District) She was the first player that we wrote down on our team sheet and for good reason. As Katelyn practically won the Bulldogs the game with her four goals, which is even more impressive considering she only had six kicks for the match. Her round one performance also sees her sit atop the League Leading Goalkicker, which she will certainly be capable of winning at the end of the season.

Forward Pocket

Melanie Elsegood (West Adelaide) West Adelaide would surely be happy with their round one performance, as should Melanie Elsegood be with her own performance. It was a promising start for the season for her, as she finished with six kicks, two of which were goals and three were behinds. If she can tidy up a little more in front of goal, she could easily become one of the strongest forwards in the competition during 2020.

Half Forward Flank

Zoe Venning (West Adelaide) West Adelaide’s young guns were on show during round one, and Zoe Venning is a prime example. As she finished the game with 17 disposals (12 kicks, five handballs) as well as five tackles and three clearances. Add to this a goal, and it equals a dream start for what could be a huge season for Zoe.

Centre Half Forward

Cristie Castle (North Adelaide) North Adelaide had a dream start to their SANFLW season and so did Cristie Castle, as she finished the match with a game high 17 disposals as well as a game high six marks. She also created plenty of chances for the Roosters, as she collected five clearances and four inside 50s.

Half Forward Flank

Laitiah Huynh (Central District)

A very bright player for the Bulldogs, young Laitiah Huynh was one of the stand outs during the Bulldogs historic round one win. Finishing with 15 disposals, two marks and two tackles; Laitiah will continue to develop more as the Bulldogs promising season continues.


Matilda Zander (Norwood) A stand out player from an overall pretty consistent side, Matilda Zander collected an equal game high 20 disposals and a game high six marks during their round one match. She also managed a strong four tackles and two clearances.


Abbie Ballard (West Adelaide) We said that West Adelaide’s young guns were on show during round one, but Abbie Ballard was just on a whole other level on the weekend. She finished with a round high 27 disposals as well as a team high five marks. She also collected four tackles and an outstanding nine clearances, making her arguably the best performer of round one.


Maya Rigter (Sturt) Maya Rigter has continued where she left off last SANFLW season, as she is becoming a more familiar name in the SANFLW which each passing round. Her performance during Sturt’s opening defeat saw her finish with; 18 disposals, seven marks and six tackles. And this is probably just the first of many strong performances by Maya this season.

Half Back Flank

Keeley Kustermann (West Adelaide) Continuing on with West Adelaide’s youngsters, round one saw Keeley Kustermann make her senior SANFLW debut. And she finished with a strong 14 disposals, three tackles and two marks. She also created several chances for her side, with three inside 50s and three rebound 50s.

Centre Half Back

Allison Evans (Woodville-West Torrens) Easily one of the main stand outs for the Eagles, Allison Evans collected a team high 15 disposals and a team high eight tackles during the Friday night clash. The main highlight of the night was the amount of counter attacks, which Allison helped contribute to thanks to her three rebound 50s.

Half Back Flank

Jaimi Tabb (Woodville – West Torrens) Jaimi Tabb played mainly as a midfielder during the Eagles break-out performance on Friday night. However, she is named on the half back flank in our team because we just needed to have her in the starting 18. The Panthers struggled at times to contain the strong Crow, who finished with 12 disposals and seven tackles.

Back Pocket

Madisyn Freeman (Glenelg) A product of Glenelg’s junior pathway, Madisyn Freeman started the 2020 season with a strong performance, finishing with the second highest disposal tally for the Tigers with 14 (11 kicks, three handballs) as well as four clearances and two rebound 50s.

Full Back

Hannah Prenzler (Sturt)

As one of the league’s youngest key position players, Sturt’s Hannah Prenzler got her hands on the footy quite a lot, with 12 disposals. She also managed to gather a game high seven marks as well as three tackles. It isn’t always easy playing defence during a game that was as one sided as the Sturt versus West Adelaide game, but her performance is a promising sign for the rest of this young gun’s year.

Back Pocket

Jaslynne Smith (South Adelaide)

Both the Eagles and Panthers defences earn a special mention, as with any game that comes down to the wire, the team’s defences are put under immense pressure. And while not everything Jas did came off, she didn’t lower her head, which in a game as close as that one was, it is exactly what you want. She also finished with 15 disposals and a strong seven rebound 50s.


Montana McKinnon (South Adelaide) The Adelaide Crow listed player was a huge contributor during the SANFLW opener, as she collected 18 disposals (14 kicks, four handballs) and a game high seven marks, five of which were contested. She also finished with 20 hit outs, six inside 50s and four clearances.

Ruck Rover

Czenya Cavouras (South Adelaide)

Czenya Cavouras showed why she had gained the attention of the Adelaide Crows, as she finished the nail-biting round one clash with a game high 20 disposals (11 kicks, nine handballs) and a game high 11 tackles. She also created plenty of chances in a game that saw heaps of pressure being put around the ball, as she finished with six clearances.


Georgia Bevan (Sturt)

One of the few highlights for Sturt during round one, was Georgia Bevan’s strong performance for her side. Finishing with 19 disposals (17 kicks, two handballs) at remarkable 100% efficiency (according to the SANFL site). Add to this, six tackles along with three clearances, and it equals a dream start for the Double Blues Co-Captain.


Lauren Clifton (South Adelaide)

The first spot on our interchange goes to a round one debutant. Young Lauren Clifton played her role perfectly, finishing with a comfortable 12 disposals, six marks and five inside 50s. As a debutant playing in such a close game, you would forgive her for panicking, but Lauren remained steady, which earns her a spot in this side.

Shelby Smith (Central District) Shelby Smith would be one of the key contributors to the Bulldogs dream start to the 2020 SANFLW season, which is why she has been named as Vice-Captain of our Round One Team of the Week. She finished with an equal game high 20 disposals as well as three marks and three tackles. Add to this, an impressive five clearances and it equals a player that will be very valuable to do the Bulldogs Premiership campaign.

Indy Tahau (South Adelaide) Another familiar name from South Adelaide makes our Team of the Week. Playing a more midfield role during the close Friday night clash, Indy came away with 17 disposals (five kicks, 12 handballs) as well four tackles and eight clearances.

Madison Lane (Central District)

And finishing off our Round One Team of the Week, we have selected another very promising part of the Bulldogs, young Maddy Lane. While this small forward only finished with six disposals and a tackle, she did manage to boot Central’s first goal of the match, and their only goal for the first half. There is nothing like a young player stepping up to have a huge impact on a game, which is why she has earnt our final spot in the side.

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