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SANFLW Team of the Week - Round Seven

A cherished Panther leader, a rising Bulldogs ruck, and a standout Redleg: these were just some of the highlights from the SANFLW's super Saturday.

Saturday's festival of SANFLW footy kicked off with a clash between Norwood and West Adelaide - and it didn't take the Redlegs long to break the match open. Despite the efforts of Devlyn down back, the Bloods couldn't combat the relentless Redlegs.

Lishmund was a highlight for Norwood, as were her celebrations, while 3 final quarter goals by Mulvahil increased her side's winning margin to 58 points, 10.6 (66) to 1.2 (8). Redlegs are very much in finals contention, while the poor Bloods are left to pick up the pieces.

Saturday's second match came in the form of a possible Grand Final preview as North Adelaide faced off against Glenelg. Both are no stranger to finals footy, as they're the 2020 and 2021 premiers respectively - yet one certainly got the better of the other during this match.

Castle, Edwards and Ewings were just some of the standouts for the Roosters, who now sit top after they stormed home after halftime to register a 6.13 (49) to 2.5 (17) win. As for Glenelg, Goodwin was amazing - while Kellock and Bates were at their usual best.

Round 7 was also the final weekend for the Development League - this image was taken by MWM.

Central District overcame a slow start to defeat Woodville - West Torrens, 7.2 (44) to 2.6 (18). Trailing by 4 points at halftime, the Bulldogs managed to hold the Eagles to just 2 behinds for the remainder of the match - while managing to kick 5 goals themselves.

Starmer was the star of this match (no pun intended), while Riggs and Caitlin Wendland were just some of the other standouts for Central. Dowrick the Eagles' debutant was arguably their biggest highlight - with Goody and Sedunary also proving to be valuable.

South Adelaide seemingly got their season back on track by defeating the then ladder-leading Sturt outfit by 19 points, 5.2 (32) to 2.1 (13). Campbell was influential, as were the Panthers' back 6 as they held the Double Blues scoreless for 74 minutes of footy.

The Rigter sisters and Bevan were some of the Doublas main contributors. The Panthers had many key performers - including first-time scorers in Smith and Russell, intercepter Copley, and ball-magnet Buethke.

Sturt, after going undefeated for 5 weeks, has now lost 2 in a row. But before they go throwing the baby out with the bathwater; they do have some key players set to return from the health protocol, let alone the AFLW.

Scroll down to see the Team of the Week, plus a small breakdown of the squad.

Captain: Sachi Syme

Vice-Captain: Isabelle Starmer

Most Valuable Player: Nicole Campbell

The captain this week is Norwood's Sachi Syme who was everywhere during the Redlegs' massive win. A key contributor for Norwood and a headache for the opposition; Syme's Round 7 display was her best yet.

The vice-captaincy goes to a ruck who has seemingly appeared out of nowhere this season - similar to Good's breakout performance last year for Sturt. Isabelle Starmer played her best match for the Bulldogs - and we are sure there are many more displays like this to come.

It was a tight contest for this week's Most Valuable Player, but by the time the voting poll had closed, South Adelaide's Nicole Campbell had received half of the nearly 200 votes. Nothing about her performance on the weekend was easy as she routinely put her head over the footy; which maybe explains why even Sturt players gave their votes to her.



Alana Lishmund made headlines for her goal celebrations, and now she headlines this week's attack after booting 3 goals on Saturday. As well as the goals, this rising Redlegs star had 17 disposals, laid 4 tackles and took 4 marks.

Joining this shining forward is a fellow Redleg who finished Round 7 off in style. Grace Mulvahil already had a decent match - having gained 13 touches, 6 marks and 2 tackles. However, Mulvahil took things to the next level during the latter half of the final term by booting 3 straight goals.

Keeping with the duo theme, a pair of Roosters join this week's attack. It's a combination of a North rising star, Elaine Grigg, and a North current star, Cristie Castle. Grigg kicked 2 goals, had 13 touches and laid 4 tackles; while Castle also kicked 2 goals, had 16 disposals and took 8 marks.

The Eagles' debutant, Abbey Dowrick, welcomed herself to the SANFLW with a standout display. A debut goal is always a nice welcome, yet Dowrick went further by also adding a game-high total of 27 touches and a team-high total of 5 marks.

Panthers celebrate Clifton's sealer - this image was taken by MWM.


Once again, she has the ruck duties this week - which means that we will have to say it again, and we will have to keep saying it until she either gets drafted or retires; hopefully, it's the former. Isabelle Starmer is arguably the best ruck in the league right now - and she earns the vice-captaincy after she collected 28 hit-outs, 25 disposals, 5 tackles and 3 clearances.

On-ball is this week's captain and Norwood gun, Sachi Syme. It was one of those games where, if Syme was near the footy, she was going to win it. By the time the final siren had rung, she had a game-high of 27 disposals and 12 clearances to her name.

The middle is home to this week's Most Valuable Player, Nicole Campbell, and it is easy to see why she got the votes. Campbell had a game-high total of 31 disposals and laid a round-high total of 17 tackles - if that wasn't enough, she also had 4 clearances and kicked a goal.

Rounding out the on-ball brigade is North Adelaide's Jess Edwards who backed up her string of recent performances with yet another great display. Edwards finished with a team-high total of 28 disposals, and she also managed to have 8 marks, 5 tackles and 4 clearances.

The wings are home to 2 talented Tigers. The first of whom is Sarah Goodwin who was simply amazing. She had 10 marks and a game-high total of 32 disposals - making it a display that would have increased her draft potential.

The other Tiger is Jess Bates, who by this point doesn't need an introduction. Doing what she usually does - which is play great footy - Bates picked up 26 displays, laid 9 tackles, and took 5 marks.


Centre-half-back is home to West Adelaide's Beatrice Devlyn, who was the highlight of the Bloods weekend. She had a team-high of 23 touches, while also managing 9 rebound 50s and 8 tackles. So despite not getting the win - she can at least hold her head high for this display.

Jaslynne Smith is an integral part of the Panthers' defence and she showed why on the weekend. Putting her body on the line, intercepting opposition plays, and even sneaking down for her first SANFLW goal - Smith was certainly busy on the weekend. Statistics wise, she had 18 disposals, 7 marks, 6 tackles and the aforementioned goal.

Fellow Panther defender, Gypsy Schirmer, has fully embraced her new role and in doing so she has shown her versatility. Much like Smith in front of goals, Schirmer seems like a natural defender; laying crucial tackles, busting through packs, and doing goal-saving smothers. In total, she had 16 disposals, 8 marks and 5 rebound 50s.

Young gun Lana Schwerdt finds herself a little more behind the ball than usual this week - but we just had to have this Redleg in the side. Having one of the better well-rounded displays of the weekend, Schwerdt finished with 23 disposals, 8 tackles, and a goal.

Rounding out the back 6 is Kiera Mueller, who had 17 touches and 4 marks during the Double Blues Round 7 defeat. She's a key player of the Blues line-up that will have to remain this strong if they're to bounce back.

The Double Blues are left thinking - this image was taken by MWM.


North Adelaide's Brianna Arthur was, to put it simply, awesome for the Roosters. Arthur had 26 touches, 3 clearances and 3 tackles in what is shaping up to look like her breakout season.

Sturt's Abbey Rigter nearly brought the Double Blues back into the game on her own as she booted 2 goals within 6 minutes - this, along with her sole behind, was Sturt's only score for the match. Rigter also recorded 13 touches and 4 tackles.

South Adelaide's Esther Schirmer was one of those players who, when she got the footy, she wasn't going to waste it. She has settled into the side after making her debut earlier in the season - and this round proved that. Being reliable with the ball in hand, Schirmer had 15 touches at an impressive 93 per cent efficiency - while also managing 7 tackles and 3 marks.

Caitlin Wendland joins the rotations this week after the young Bulldog enjoyed one of her better matches of the season. Her 11 touches is a solid effort - yet her game-high total of 10 tackles is what makes this contested-ball magnet standout.

Joining Wendland amongst the rotations is the Bulldogs' rising star, Georgia McKee. Looking more than comfortable in the big league, this 15-year-old had 17 disposals, laid 5 tackles, and kicked a goal.

A young prospect from the hills made her mark for West Adelaide. Lucy Boyd kicked the Bloods' sole goal - and she also had 13 disposals and 6 tackles.

Rounding out the MWM SANFLW Team of the Week is another exciting Bulldogs player, Charlotte Riggs. The young Doggies' prospect had her best game of the season so far - finishing with 17 disposals and a game-high 7 marks.

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