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SFLW Team of the Week - Round Thirteen

The top three all claimed strong wins to further strengthen their ladder positions as the minor season enters its final three weeks.

Flagstaff Hill abruptly halted Aldinga’s momentum with a 106-point win, 16.10 (106) to 0.0 (0).

The Sharks – following their impressive 200-point win the previous week – were not able to replicate their winning success against the reigning premiers. The Falcons did most of their damage during a second-term surge that saw them boot 7 unanswered goals.

Carli Morton certainly had a part to play in the Falcons’ fantastic display, as she finished with a round-high total of 7 goals. Ella Thomas, Jenna Andrews and Czenya Cavouras were also among their standouts. For Aldinga, their top 3 best consisted of Kimberly Robinson, Amber O’Hanlon, and Carlee Evans.

Port Noarlunga bounced back with a comprehensive 120-point win over Hackham, 16.24 (120) to 0.0 (0).

Wanting to bounce back from their tough loss the previous week, the Cockledivers created plenty of chances early as the side stunned the Hawks with 11 scoring shots within the opening term. From here, the Cockledivers cruised toward an impressive win while holding Hackham goalless yet again.

Philippa Worthley stole the show with 5 goals, while Tyla Pyman followed close behind with a 4-goal haul. Speaking of goals, Ella Harris also celebrated her return with a major score as well. Highlights for the Hawks were tough to pick, but they were well-supplied by Kaylah Richards, Emily Unger, and Ashleigh Dayman.

They may not have been accurate, but Reynella was effective as they defeated Cove by 48 points, 6.12 (48) to 0.0 (0).

While they couldn’t completely shake the Cobras, the Wineflies were able to do enough each quarter to set up a sturdy 8-goal win. Strong at both ends, Reynella racked up 18 scoring shots – albeit it at 33 per cent efficiency – and their defence was outstanding as they kept the Cobras quiet throughout the match.

Caitlin Walter was picked as Reynella’s best afield, while the usual suspect of Zannah Loxton followed in the second-best spot. And it was a familiar 3 for Cove, with Lauren Kenny, Ella Gill, and Ashleigh Need making up their top 3 best.

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Captain: Philippa Worthley

Vice-Captain: Carli Morton


We already thought that Port Noarlunga had found themselves an extremely promising rebound defender in Philippa Worthley, but then she had to go and boot 5 goals on the weekend. Showing her versatility, this proud Porties’ prospect earnt their Best on Ground title, our Round 13 Team of the Week captain title, and is overall a must-watch footballer going forwards.

However, while Worthley was busy impressing on the weekend there was another Porties player that was hitting the scoreboard. Tyla Pyman was a solid performer in front of the sticks and finished with a 4-goal haul.

But both of these goal tallies fall short of Carli Morton’s tally as she was Flagstaff Hill’s go-to scorer on the weekend. This fabulous Falcon booted 7 goals – a tally which is greater than that of Reynella, Hackham, Aldinga, and Cove’s combined tally from the weekend. A feat that has seen her earn this week’s vice-captaincy.

Adding some leadership to this week’s forward line is Caitlin Williams, who was impressive for the victorious Wineflies.

And rounding out the attack this week is Casie Coombe who has also continued to impress at Reynella and whose most recent performance ended with a 3-goal haul. And Tamsyn Morriss, who doesn’t need an introduction at this point, after she was the usual solid contributor for Flagstaff Hill.


Anja Bancevic was yet again the competition’s best ruck on the weekend. This Reynella tall has certainly been reinforcing the ‘best ruck in the league’ statement by playing consistently brilliant footy. However, she is certainly not the only Reynella player that has been routinely great this season considering Zannah Loxton has been one of the best players in the competition during the latter half of the year.

Sticking on the topic of Reynella performers. Caitlin Walter was the biggest standout from their convincing win, which is further typified by her selection as their best afield.

And there is another player in this week’s midfield group that has developed into a consistent performer. We are of course referring to Ella Thomas, the Flagstaff Hill Falcon, who kept on developing and improving until she became one of Flaggies’ most impressive and consistent key position players.

The wings are home to 2 players that – although they do get into the best players – seem to go under the radar. Jenna Andrews, Flagstaff Hill; and Teegan Mesecke, Port Noarlunga, were both great performers for their respective clubs on the weekend.


Cove’s Ella Gill has continued to be one of the long-lasting highlights of the Cobras’ season. This young gun has routinely been among their best players in what is hopefully a sure sign of good things to come from Gill. She is joined by fellow Cobra contributor, Ashleigh Need – who has also been a routine performer for Cove. And Lauren Kenny, who was picked as Cove’s Best on Ground, completes the Cobra trifecta for this week.

Then there is Amber O’Hanlon, the versatile Shark, who finds herself a little more behind the ball than usual. However, this performer was a rare highlight for the yellow and black on the weekend.

And rounding out this week’s backline was a highly efficient pair of Porties defenders. The familiar named Belinda Macrow joins a new name for us in Emma Matonia.


A pair of Port Noarlunga highlights join this week’s rotations. Sheridan Poland, who has been a consistent player for the Cockledivers, joins midfielder Deanna Ortuso, who played one of her best games yet.

Also, a part of this week’s backup brigade is Aldinga’s Kimberly Robinson, whose valiant efforts on the weekend saw her get recognised as the Sharks’ best player afield. While Rachel Crockart was among the standouts for Flagstaff Hill – hence she earns yet another selection this year.

And rounding out the MWM SFLW Team of the Week for Round 13 is Port Noarlunga’s Nikki Parker and the extremely exciting Flagstaff Hill player Melissa Anderson.

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