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SFLW Team of the Week - Round Four

Round Four of the SFLW sees the Falcons fly, the Sharks bite, and the Saints storm home to claim an impressive victory.

Flagstaff Hill continue their premiership defense with an impressive win over Cove, 7.5 (47) to 2.3 (15). With just one point separating the two sides at quarter time, the high flying Falcons kicked six goals to one to finish the match.

It was low scoring, but it was tense; just four points separated Port Noarlunga from Aldinga, 1.2 (8) to 1.6 (12). The Sharks bounced back from a slow start to kick their entire score during the second term--which would prove to be enough to see them over the line.

A five goal to none second term saw Christies Beach defeat Hackham with ease, 11.11 (77) to 1.1 (7). Casie Coombe, Indi Flynn and Brooke O'Brien combined for ten of their eleven goals while young ruck, Neriah Milis, was also a strong contributor for the Saints.

Scroll down to see this round's Team of the Week, plus a small breakdown of the squad.

Captain: Casie Coombe Vice-Captain: Emily Brockhurst

The reigning premiers and the Saints lead the way this week with six players represented in our Team of the Week. Aldinga sit with four, which would be the highest concentration of Sharks that we have had since beginning the SFLW Team of the Week series.

Since these two have the most named players its only reasonable that both the leaders come from these two sides; Case Coombe leads the team as Captain after booting three goals during a Best On performance, while Emily Brockhurst holds her spot amognst the leaders after booting five goals again.



Headlining this week's attack is our Round Four Vice-Captain, Emily Brockhurst who, for the consecutive week in a row, booted five goals for Flagstaff Hill.

Small Saints' forward, Indi Flynn rejoins the Team of the Week this week after kicking three goals. Likewise, fellow Saint Casie Coombe makes another appearance after booting three goals as well during a Best on Ground performance.

Saints forward/ruck Rachael Farlam and Brooke O'Brien rounds out the Christies Beach quartet, with Brooke's four goals seeing her earn the full forward position for the second time in three weeks.

Young Port Noarlunga prospect, Bridie Nye also holds her spot in the side; the young gun was the sole goalkicker during Porties narrow loss.


Saints prospect Neriah Milis, holds her spot in the side after impressing once again. Joining her on-ball is Hackham's ever-reliable Hawk, Alana Browne and Aldinga's Jessika O'Hanlon.

The middle is home to Flagstaff Hill's Chloe Meyers, who has managed to continue this impressive start to the 2021 season.

One wing is home to yet another O'Hanlon, with Eilish O'Hanlon joining the side after impressing for the Sharks. The opposite wing is home to the equally as impressive, Emma Dumbill, who had a similar affect for the Saints.


Holding her spot in the side is Aldinga's Amber O'Hanlon, with the Shark being one of three O'Hanlons to make the Round Four Team of the Week.

Two Cobras also join our back line, with Seraphina Moon continuing to hold her spot in the side while also being joined by fellow Cove teammate, Lauren Grigg.

The Saints had a quartet in this week's attack, but the Falcons have a trio in our backline; with Elissa Bartlett, Taylah Revink and Zoe Walker-Roberts all impressing for the reigning premiers--the former of who also earnt Best on Ground honours.


Alana Baker, the fast-paced Falcon, joins the rotations this week after impressing for the third week in a row. While Emma Fitzpatrick also joins the line up after enjoying a strong day out for the Cobras.

Port Noarlunga's second Best on Ground, Stephanie Rallis, joins the team this week alongside Hackham's Best on Ground, Chrysti Flevill.

The last two spots in our Round Four MWM SFLW Team of the Week belong to Aldinga's India Harmdorf and Cove's Mikala Graham.

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