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SFLW Team of the Week - Round Nine

The Wineflies continue their reign at the top of the ladder, the Falcons continue to follow closely behind, and the Cockledivers continue their dream run.

Flagstaff Hill remains in touch with the top spot following a 49-point win over Aldinga, 6.14 (50) to 0.1 (1).

While inaccuracy denied themselves an even bigger win: the Falcons did what was necessary to stay within touch of the ladder-leading Wineflies. Kicking 4.7 (31) to 0.1 (1) during the opening half, the reigning premiers were able to see out the Sharks in relative comfort.

It was the usual culprits for Flagstaff Hill. Among their best were Ella Thomas, who played her best game yet for the Falcons; Tamsyn Morriss, who kicked a match-high of 2 goals; and Brooke Kleinig, who added another major to her season tally. In the Sharks camp, Kimberly Robinson managed to keep her streak of great games going; while Eilish O’Hanlon and Charlotte Bayford were some of the other familiar names that made up their best players.

Port Noarlunga made sure Kaiya Ivett celebrated her milestone match in style as they defeated Hackham by 95 points, 13.17 (95) to 0.0 (0).

The Cockledivers wasted no time in ensuring this win. The blue and white, who were celebrating Kaiya Ivett’s 50th match, set up a sturdy 4-goal lead at quarter time and never looked back. As for the winless Hawks, who remain goalless after 8 starts, this recent result was a far cry from their Round Four clash with Porties that ended in a 161-point loss.

Impressively, Port Noarlunga product Teegan Mesecke tripled her season goal tally in this match. While Jolie Malinowski, Belinda Gale, and Nikki Parker were among the other standouts for this year’s big improvers. Sarah Noble was once again a top performer for the Hawks, with Ashleigh Dayman and Caitlin Haire also among their best players.

A fast start by the ladder leaders saw them surge toward a huge 91-point victory over Cove, 13.14 (92) to 0.1 (1).

Reynella, with the exception of a goalless second term, looked to be in control for the majority of their clash with the Cobras. Setting up a 5-goal lead at the first break, the Wineflies cruised home by booting a further 8 unanswered goals to finish the match.

A highlight of this match however came from the Cobras’ camp, with young gun Ella Gill putting on a Best on Ground display for the red, white, and blue. Also included in Cove’s best were Kate Galley, Dana O’Brien, and Skye Willcocks. As for the ladder leaders, Zannah Loxton was once again outstanding; with Anja Bancevic and Caitlin Williams also among their standouts. They also had their amazing young gun, with Emily Franklin booting a round-high total of 4 goals.

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Captain: Ella Thomas

Vice-Captain: Teegan Mesecke


Emily Franklin looked lively during Reynella’s big win on the weekend. A product of the Wineflies, Franklin finished with 4 goals – the highest tally of the weekend. She is joined up forward by fellow Reynella standouts in the form of Caitlin Williams, 2 goals: and Shanique West, 3 goals.

Keeping with the theme of lively prospects, Teegan Mesecke enjoyed her day out with Port Noarlunga. The young Cocklediver – whose goal tally before this match was 1 for the season – finished with a game-high total of 3 goals. Belinda Gale was also impressive up forward for Port Noarlunga, finishing with a handy 2 goals. As was Nikki Parker, who not only kicked her first this season – but played her best Porties’ game to date.


Anja Bancevic would be at the top of most peoples’ list when asked who the best ruck in the competition was. And this Reynella ruck reinforced her case to be at the top with yet another strong outing for the black and white.

Joining in the middle is Ella Thomas, who has found her footing at Flagstaff Hill. The extremely versatile Falcon played her best game yet for the red and blue which – as well as gaining this week’s captaincy – saw her end the match with their Best on Ground title. Fellow Falcon Tamsyn Morriss joins the on-ballers this week after having her usual impact on the Falcons with a performance that included 2 goals.

On the outside is the hard-running quality Falcon Alana Baker, who was once again a standout for Flaggies. The other wing is home to an exciting Port Noarlunga player, Jolie Malinowski. A part of the group that we have dubbed the ‘Porties Prospects’, Malinowski was one of the best afield for the blue and white.

Rounding out the followers is Reynella’s Best on Ground, Zannah Loxton. To simply sum up, Loxton is one of the best players for Reynella - who currently is the competition's best team.


Exciting Cove midfield/defender Ella Gill was a highlight of the Cobras’ weekend. In a sign of good things to come, this young prospect was named their Best on Ground. Fellow Cobra Dana O’Brien was impressive as well during their latest outing, having also been named amongst their best players.

Keeping with the duo theme, Caitlin Haire and Ashleigh Dayman were among some of the best for Hackham: a highlight of another tough day for the Hawks.

Also named down back is Aldinga’s midfield/defender Eilish O’Hanlon, who has managed to continue her streak of standout displays for the Sharks. Likewise, fellow defender Charlotte Bayford finds herself deep in defence this week after facing off against the brunt of the reigning premiers’ forward line.


Port Noarlunga’s Brittany Pratt spearheads this week’s rotations. Along with Kimberly Robinson who was dubbed as the Sharks’ Best on Ground.

Brooke Kleinig continues to go from strength to strength with Flagstaff Hill. This exciting Falcon was at it again on the weekend with a performance that saw her get rightfully named amongst their best players. She is joined by fellow Falcon Jasmine Partridge, who has continued to enjoy a breakout season with the Falcons with yet another best player selection.

Rounding out the Round Nine MWM SFLW Team of the Week is Abby Dittmar, who celebrated her second senior game for Port Noarlunga with 2 goals; and Amelia Morriss, who continues to be a brilliant role player for Flagstaff Hill.

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