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SFLW Team of the Week - Round Twelve

Reynella ended Porties run, the Saints shone again, and Aldinga claimed an amazing result.

Reynella raced away from Port Noarlunga in the opening term to claim an impressive 59-point win, 8.11 (59) to 0.0 (0).

The Wineflies – after they racked up 9 scoring shots to none in the first quarter – were in control for most of this match. It was a tough game for Port Noarlunga who has been such a strong side this season: they struggled to transition the footy into attack throughout the day, they struggled to battle through the Wineflies who were structured so well behind the ball, and they just seemed to have an off day.

Reynella on the other hand was fantastic. Zannah Loxton was once again a standout, while Tyler Davies and Morgan Blackwell were strong around the ground. Then there was Emily Woods, who finished with just under half of Reynella’s goals. As for Port Noarlunga, Elisha Scriven was their best afield – while Philippa Worthley and Shakira Dolman rounded out their top 3.

Reynella celebrates Bourn's brilliant goal - this image was taken by MWM.

Christies Beach shone once again, this time with a 36-point win over Cove, 5.6 (36) to 0.0 (0).

The Saints, who have now made it 2 wins from as many weeks, ground down the Cobras to claim a solid win. They did what was necessary to win, averaging a goal a quarter – while being amazing on the defensive end – they were able to cruise to a strong 6-goal win.

Rachael Farlam earnt the Saints’ Best on Ground honour, while Indi Flynn was impressive with 3 goals – and Melanie Koster had her usual grand impact on the Saints. The Cobras were well-supplied by Lauren Kenny and Mikala Graham, while young Ella Gill continues to play impressive footy.

Dakota dominated during Aldinga’s amazingly accurate 200-point win over Hackham, 32.8 (200) to 0.0 (0).

The Sharks were unforgiving as they mauled the Hawks. They scored 9 unanswered goals during the first term, and they had stretched their lead to 111 points by halftime. However, it’s their accuracy that really stole the show: 32 goals from 40 scoring shots – including an amazing run in the middle of the game when they scored a combined total of 16.2 during the second and third quarters.

Amber O’Hanlon was rated as their Best on the Ground, while Dakota Oniszk did plenty of damage with a round-high total of 8 goals. India Hamdorf followed closely behind with 6 goals as well. As for the poor Hawks, Carol Karo, Kaylah Richards, and Ashleigh Dayman were named as their top 3 best players.

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Captain: Zannah Loxton

Vice-Captain: Dakota Oniszk


After kicking the most goals out of any SFLW player on the weekend – it isn’t surprising that Dakota Oniszk kicks off this week’s team. It was a dominant display by the Shark, who scored more goals than Port Noarlunga, Cove, Hackham, and Christies Beach did on the weekend combined.

However, Oniszk wasn’t the only high-scoring Shark from the weekend. India Hamdorf, 6 goals, and Kimberly Robinson, 3 goals, both led by example on the weekend. While Darlene Bishop, 2 goals, was also named amongst Aldinga’s best players.

Then there was Indi Flynn, who did most of the damage for the Saints with a match-high total of 3 goals. From a rising Southern forward to an expert one, Emily Goods was fantastic for Reynella as she cruised to a solid 3-goal haul.


Anja Bancevic – yes we are going to say it again – is arguably the competition’s best ruck. And she showed that on the weekend when she routinely gave Reynella’s amazing midfield the first look at the footy. And this amazing Wineflies’ middle group included the consistently brilliant Zannah Loxton. Loxton earns this week’s captaincy on the back of a string of standout displays.

And there is another midfielder that has been brilliant and consistent throughout the season, and that is Melanie Koster. This Christies Beach on-baller has routinely set the standard and she has certainly played her role in the Saints’ recent run of success.

The middle is home to Aldinga’s Amber O’Hanlon. She was the Best on the Ground from the Sharks’ 200-point win, which goes to show how much she must have stood out. Oh, and her 3-goal haul would have also helped.

The wings this week are home to Morgan Blackwell, a Reynella role player who is heavily underrated; and Teegan Mesecke, who certainly tried her best to spark some life into Port Noarlunga.


Running off the back shoulders this week is Philippa Worthley and Shakira Dolman. These are 2 Port Noarlunga players that we don’t just think have plenty of potential but we believe that they are also superb rebounders of the footy – mainly made possible by their speed and ability to read the play. Belinda Macrow was also sturdy down back for the Cockledivers.

Then there was Mia Dunn, who was an anchor down back for the Saints. And of course, one cannot simply forget about Rachael Farlam who was rated as the Saints’ best afield during their hard-fought win.

And rounding out the backline is Ashleigh Need, who has proven to be a reliable performer for the Cobras this season.


Grace Doran was a force to be reckoned with around the ground for Reynella. As was the hard-running Tyler Davies – in both cases these Reynella performers kept on getting into the thick of the action even when their winning result became clear.

The extremely versatile Shark, Eilish O’Hanlon, has continued her run of great performance with yet another decent display for the yellow and black. Isabella Zito is another one of these reliable role players – albeit Zito was one of the red, white and black’s best afield.

Rounding out the Round 12 MWM SFLW Team of the Week is Jolie Malinowski, who has been playing some great consistent footy despite battling tough circumstances; and Ella Gill, who is an exciting prospect for Cove.

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