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Shae Archbold - the Shining Shark

'Just go and have fun with all your mates, and try not to be scared as it can be sometimes, and just try your best.'


What does a three-time National BMX Champion and a two-time SFLW U14s Best and Fairest have in common?

While these two sports may look very different at first, the one major connection between the two is Shae Archbold’s performance within them.

As far as sporting crossovers go, little have been as unique and as impressive as that of Shae’s, and the past four years have especially been amazing thanks to some very big honours coming from both of her beloved sports.

BMX was the first of these that she began competing at—and in both instances she enjoyed very humble beginnings. In fact, it seems that it was fate that brought Shae into the BMX world as it was just one simple action that led to her not only discovering her love of the sport, but also her talent.

‘My older cousin was racing one day, and they told me to get on her bike and yeah, I just kept riding ever since and I love it.’

Since then, she has quickly excelled in the sport and risen to an almost prodigy level having earned numerous accolades in the years that followed.

For instance, in 2017 she ‘Represented Australia against New Zealand in the test team and won’.

However, easily the most impressive feat that she has achieved is the fact that she has been named as the South Australian Champ for the past five years, while also earning the National Champ title for the past three years—with only COVID bringing her yearly rein to an end.

'The Winning Feeling' - image kindly supplied by Shae.

Then, two years after starting BMX, and after ‘Watching the AFL games play on the television’ she decided to give football a go as well, and joined the Aldinga Sharks, a team where she still currently resides.

But unfortunately, despite fostering some great young and mature talent, Aldinga’s junior side really struggled for numbers this year.

‘It is really good there, awesome people but there are not enough girls at the club.’

‘… This year when I played 14s we only had 15 players, so the other teams had to match our numbers on the oval.’

Teams aside, just like in BMX, Shae also found success in football—with the promising player earning several accolades over her five years of playing.

These including winning back to back SFLW Leading Goalkicker awards in 2019 and 2020, as well as earning both the 2019 and 2020 SFLW League Best and Fairests.

‘It feels really good I wasn’t expecting it at first but I’m really happy and humble to get it twice in a row.’

With a resume like this, it isn’t surprising that she also earned a spot in South Adelaide’s U15s Development Squad, which she describes as being a ‘Great experience’.

‘It was really fun definitely learnt a lot more and my skills improved while I was there.’

'The Shining Shark' - image kindly supplied by Shae.

While it is safe to say that she has had humble beginnings to sports that she has found great success within, another quality of Shae that will help her as she develops into a very exciting player is her gratitude—especially towards those who have helped her along her sporting journey.

‘I would like to thank my coach Brett Roberts for everything his has done for me, also Sophia for helping to get a girls team for the club.’

So, what is next for this promising midfielder?

‘For footy I definitely want to try and get drafted to a team.’

During the past five years, Shae Archbold has developed into an extremely promising player, and considering that she still has several more years before she even hits draft age, the sky is practically the limit.

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