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Shineah Goody - a Good Trio


We have covered a lot of different players in the past few months; from soccer converts to cricketers.

But this time we have something a little unique for you.

And that is the golfer, basketballer and footballer combo that is Shineah Goody.

However, as cool as it sounds to able to juggle three very different sports; Shineah goes even further and is actually rather talented at all three.

As for football;

“I play with the boys over on the Yorke Peninsula for the Southern Eagles and got selected to play for Woodville-West Torrens; I then got picked to play in Port Adelaide Next Generation.”

And as for the other two sports;

“I got Most Improved with the boys and play basketball as well which I play in the Saint Clair Carnivals and Country Champs. I also play golf which I won the Championship this year.”

While it takes a fair degree of talent and dedication to be able to juggle three sports, it takes way more to be able to be succeed at all three.

But how exactly does Shineah manage to juggle these three sports?

“Our training nights are different so it works out quite well, but sometimes when I’m busy with school and that it can get a bit difficult. As I play under 16 for Yorketown and A or C grade for Edithburgh.”

However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. Because the last time we checked, Port Adelaide and Woodville-West Torrens are not on the Yorke Peninsula, meaning that as well as juggling the three sports, she also must travel a fair way to train and play for her teams.

“To attend the trainings for the SANFL teams and Ports Next Generation I am needing to travel three hours.”

For most, all of this seems like just way too much to deal with, but for Shineah she loves all these three sports, so she is just doing what is needed.

But what is it that she loves about each of these very different sports?

“Well basketball I like because it’s fast past and I like scoring the goals. And I like golf because it’s a different sport and I like hitting long shots down the fairway.”

“And I love that footy is a contact sport, you need good sportsmanship and play as a team to win, you can play in different conditions and it is a sport where you can build all the muscles in your body and get stronger.”

But after all, we are a female football site; and lucky for us, Shineah has given us a quick glimpse into what it is like being a young player with the WWTFC;

“Yeah it’s great, they correct and help me to improve and help me to get to the best ability for myself.”

And while she is rather promising at all three of her beloved sports; it is safe to say that she has a bright path in football, if her favourite memoires tell us anything.

“Playing against Moonta; kicking like five goals in two to three quarters and then playing midfield and dominating and then I was named Best on Ground.”

“Another would be playing forward for the first time and kicking 6 goals in that game.”

Booting six goals the first time you go forwards, is a sure sign that you are doing something right.

And with three years of footy experience, she is becoming quite the versatile player, as she can play both forwards and midfield.

“Well when I was playing with the boys I went to forward after a couple of games playing back and by the end of the season I came third overall for most goals kicked in the under 14 league, so probably forward but I equally like playing in midfield because it helps me to get fitter because midfielders normally run more.”

And keeping in mind everything we have mentioned, it isn’t a surprise that she would like to thank her family for supporting her throughout her bright sporting career.

Which considering how far she must travel in order to play at the next level, shows great passion from both her and her family.

But what exactly is next for Shineah?

“Just working hard and doing stuff at home to get better. Also just working on my ball drop.”

And if she can continue to put in the hard yards, the sky is pretty much the limit for Shineah in all of her three beloved sports.


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