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South Adelaide Setting Standards


The South Adelaide Football Club’s premiership winning female program is setting the standards and making history for women’s football in South Australia, South Adelaide Football Women’s Head Coach Rick Watts said.

“I believe the South Adelaide Female program is one of, if not the best in the state,” he said.

“South Adelaide as a club have embraced Women’s football better than any other club in the SANFL and have supported the growth of the program with time, money and resources,” he said.

South Adelaide claimed the 2019 SANFLW Premiership on Sunday, May 26, making history as the first team in the SANFLW to win back to back premierships, having previously won the 2018 premiership in their inaugural season.

“Our performances over past two years would suggest that it is one of the leading programs in the SANFL,” South Adelaide CEO Neill Sharpe said.

Likewise, the South Adelaide Football Club under-17s have played in every grand final since their inception in 2015, winning four premierships in a row.

“We have been very fortunate with the young talent we have had at our disposal. Certainly, needs to be credit given to the SFL and GSFL and their clubs for encouraging female participation”, Mr Sharpe said.

“We have tried to develop a program that is as professional and progressive as possible,” Mr Watts said.

“You feel like you can come here and be a part of something. Whether that is as a player, as a support or on the sideline,” South Adelaide 2019 premiership player Elke Jarvis said.

“We try to create a professional environment to give our athletes the best possible chance to perform", Mr Watts said.

Providing players with “one on one feedback, vision sessions, group feedback, conditioning and gym sessions”, he said.

“It is next level here, it’s really good the amount of time and effort that’s put in by the background people who nobody sees but they work tirelessly, we’re really lucky at South,” Ms Jarvis said.

South Adelaide are looking to improve their program with the addition of female facilities and “more resources into coaching and technology to aid player development”, Mr Sharpe said.

“I think it’s good that we are moving in that direction, there is much more time and money and effort being put towards women’s sport,” Ms Jarvis said.

For more information on the South Adelaide Football Club’s female program and where you can contribute, visit www.safc.com.au.

And for more information on the Panthers junior female players, listen to our interview with South Adelaide Women's Team Manager Jonathon Parker here.


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