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Tahlia Meier - from the Footy Field to the Cricket Pitch

'Just learn basics and you can build from there, that is what my dad always told me.'


There are few sports that share a relationship similar to that of football and cricket, with the traditional notion of football in the winter and cricket in the summer being at the very heart of Australian sporting culture.

However, while football and cricket do share a strong bond; it would take someone with a high level of talent and dedication to be able to carve a career within both of these sports.

For an example of what it would take to be able to pull something like this off, look no further than Tahlia Meier.

Of course, playing two different sports does mean that your time is spread rather thin but luckily, the bulk of the cricket season is played through summer.

However, this does not mean that there is not an overlap between the two sports, as the ‘Cricket season usually finishes late March and by then it is almost round two or three of NAB League’.

But by Tahlia’s own admission, it is ‘Just hard to juggle trainings; games are fine, they always seem to be on different days’.

Considering that she is usually somewhat overloaded by trainings during the first few months of the year – it would be rather strange to suddenly have no sport due to these recent suspensions.

But luckily, Tahlia has been coping ‘reasonably well’.

‘With cricket and footy preseasons both merging I never really get much of a break.’

‘So, it has been good to have a break for a bit. Really feel for the girls whose draft year this is, and it could affect them, so think I am pretty lucky.’

'Watching and Waiting' - Image kindly supplied by Tahlia.

Suspensions and cancelations aside; Tahlia has enjoyed a rather successful career within both football and cricket.

For the last four years, Tahlia had spent her time playing with the Lake Wendouree Football Club, beginning in 2016 and continuing on until 2019.

During this time, she also took part in the AFL Goldfields Interleague team in both 2017 and 2018, and she also donned the colours of the Western Bulldogs Next Generation Academy during the V Line Cup in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

2019 would also see her go onto to don the big v, as she represented the Vic Country U16s. Which ‘Was pretty surreal, it is a well-run competition, and was an even better bunch of girls’.

And now, she is currently with the Greater Western Victorian Rebels in the NAB League. Which in her own words, has ‘Definitely been a big step up; the pace and intensity of it.’

‘But it is still just all the basics, but we have a great team and we just bounce off each other and that makes it so much more enjoyable.’

'Tahlia in action for the Rebels' - Image kindly supplied by Tahlia.

While it is safe to say that she has played in her fair share of representative teams over the last few years, she has also won several individual awards.

These include the 2017 AFL Goldfields U15s League Best and Fairest, as well as the 2018 and 2019 AFL Goldfields U18s League Leading Goalkicker awards.

In 2018, she was also awarded the Vic Country Junior Interleague Best Carnival Player award while the following year saw her claim the 2019 AFL Goldfields U18s League Best and Fairest.

Despite this being an outstanding list of achievements, it is safe to say that Tahlia is just simply enjoying the game that she loves – and this long list of accolades is more of an added bonus.

And this is best shown through what it is that she loves most about the game, which is the ‘Friendships and the great people you meet along the way. Also, the ability it has connect large groups of people’.

Which does help explain why out of all of this success, her favourite moment was; ‘Winning the Premierships for my local team Lakers; back to back with a great group of girls’.

Minutes with Moose is a football-based sports site; but that does not mean that we cannot admire Tahlia’s cricket career as well.

With five years of cricket experience under her belt, she has previously represented Victoria in the 2018 and the 2019 U15s National Championships.

And during the 2019 tournament, she became the first Victorian female to score a ton during it; and she also finished as the leading run scorer in Australia during it as well, which explains why she was then selected into the All Australian U15 cricket team.

As well as this, she also represented Victoria in the 2019 and the 2020 U18s National Championships and she also plays in the Premier League competition in Melbourne for Box Hill.

During this impressive sporting career that stretches across two sports, Tahlia has had some great support behind her – support that she would like to take a chance to thank.

This includes her dad as ‘He has had the biggest impact; he has pretty much taught me everything I know, and I am forever grateful for him’.

‘And also, my Rebels coach Rhys, he has been really good with balancing cricket and footy with trainings and workloads.’

As we mentioned earlier, it takes something special to be able to carve a career in two separate sports – and the fact that Tahlia has not only been able to do it but at such a high level, means that the sky is pretty much the limit for her, both on the footy field and on the cricket pitch.

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