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Taite Lantzke - the Western Australian Product

"My advice would be to not give up, it takes time to be a successful footballer and it takes hours of practise. Get a footy in your hands as much as possible and make sure you have a set goal kicking routine. Routine is everything and that’s been the one reason I’ve had some success in front of goals. And never give up, practise makes progress."


We have achieved a lot here on Minutes with Moose; expanding not just nationally but also internationally to bring you some of the best and promising names in women’s football.

However, we have always been missing something, as for some strange reason we have never featured a footballer from Western Australia; that is until now.

And thankfully, this South Fremantle product actually makes the 92 article long wait worthwhile; because after hearing about her career, it is safe to say that this will not be the last time that we hear the name, Taite Lantzke.

But before we jump straight into her present-day success; it is always best to start a story at the very beginning. And for Taite, her football story began back when she played in a “school footy carnival and absolutely loved it”.

“I love meeting new people; I love that the club becomes a second family and the numerous opportunities that it creates going forward.”

“It teaches you lots, like time management, organisational skills, communication skills, professional and how to work well in a team environment.”

“And most important it encourages you to never give you up! Always chase your dreams and be the best you possibly can be.”

“Footy brings people together. So, if you are interested in playing but don’t know where to start, grab a footy and join your local club.”

And this love of the game is still going strong today, as she enters her sixth season of football.

The first of which was spent with the Fremantle City Dockers Junior Football Club before joining the South Fremantle Women’s Football Club in the Rogers Cup competition, where she has remained to this day.

“It has been an amazing journey with South Freo! An incredible club. We merged with the men’s last year to form South Fremantle FC rather than separate men’s and women’s clubs and since we’ve merged it’s been amazing.”

“The opportunities have almost been equal, and I have really been enjoying my footy. The team of girls have been incredible and almost like family to me.”

“We worked really closely together and made it all the way to finals the last three years and only narrowly lost in the Grand Final last year. Overall I love it at the club and would love to be a one club player.”

And just as she would love to remain a one club player; we are sure that South Fremantle would also love to keep her around, considering she booted around 24 goals during the 2019 season.

A stat that not only saw her claim the club’s Leading Goalkicker award but also saw her finish runner-up to the Rogers Cup competition Leading Goalkicker as well.

However, while these are the most recent accolades for Taite, these are by far her only. As she also claimed the Anjuli Hainsworth Club Women award back in 2015 at the Fremantle City Football Club.

And it has not just been at club level where she’s been impressive; as she has also represented Western Australia’s U15s in both 2016 (Silver Medallists) and 2017 (Bronze Medallists).

And it has been great experiences like these that have led her to some of her most cherished memories from her career thus far.

“My favourite memories would probably be travelling to Queensland in 2016 for the state U15s carnival, playing here in Perth in the state U15s competition in 2017 and kicking eight goals in round one of 2019 for South Fremantle.”

But arguably her most impressive accolade and the biggest sign of what she is capable of, occurred back in 2018 when she was the Captain of Western Australia’s state U16s.

“It was an honour and privilege to lead the girls onto Optus Stadium before a Fremantle Dockers Game. In the lead up to the games, being the captain also taught me many things.”

“It taught me to build professional relationships with players and coaches and that communication is key and that not everything will always go to plan and if something doesn’t work out, keep trying.”

“Don’t try and be a leader, leadership comes naturally. And winning isn’t everything.”

While it takes a strong leader to realise that winning isn’t everything; it takes something much more to be able to admit the upside and downside of holding such a position of leadership.

“I do love it! But it is also good when I’m not as I can just focus on my own footy and improving rather than off field duties as well, but I do love it .”

“I cope by being organised, having good time management. Always being on time, being as calm as possible and treating everyone with the same respect so everyone feels valued.”

And as a gracious and passionate leader; it isn’t a surprise that she also hasn’t forgotten about those who have helped her along her very promising football journey.

“Big thanks to Lachie Harris (who actually was coaching at Collingwood) who was the one who originally signed me up in 2015 to play female football when he was working over in Western Australia.”

“Also, thanks to all the coaches I have had over the years, everyone has had some sort of impact on my game and many have taught me heaps. And my family for being my number one supporter.”

So, on the back of an already impressive and promising career, what is next for this highly promising Western Australian product?

Well in her own words, her goals for 2020 are rather simple.

“This season I’m hoping to kick more goals than last season and run a 2km Time trial in under 9:50 minutes.”

As always we cannot say for certain where she will end up; but considering the mark she has already made and the fact that she appears to be improving upon each and every season, the future looks pretty bright for her.

But at the end of the day, the one thing we are certain of is that this will not be the last time that we hear the name, Taite Lantzke.


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