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Tamsyn Morriss - Nipper

Updated: Nov 19, 2019


What nickname would you give someone who has excelled at both football and soccer at a young age?

Would you call them Champion? Or maybe Legend? Or even call them Star?

Nope, in this case the multi-talented player has earned the nickname, Nipper.

Yes, Nipper. Otherwise known as Tamsyn Morriss; has a literal list of accomplishments stretching back seven years and covering both football and soccer.

“I started AusKick when I was 5 then went back and forth between footy and soccer.”

As for where she has played;

“I started at OSB/Lonsdale Football Club then played at Noarlunga United then went back to footy, then played girls soccer at Cumberland United then footy at Kenilworth and then to Christies Beach Football Club.”

She is also apart of the Glenelg Football Club; having progressed through their junior ranks and is now a part of their senior team.

Tamsyn obviously holds a high level of passion and dedication for sport, evident alone through the amount of time she’s been involved in team sport.

However, the humble player has narrowed her love of the game to a single and simple reason;

“The thing I probably love the most about sport would have to be the community around it, no matter how you go, win or draw or lose, you’ve always got great people around to support you.”

Considering she loves sport and has been participating in football back before her club had a dedicated women’s side; meaning she had to play with the boys;

It is no surprise that Nipper has developed a strong set of skills which has seen her taste a considerable amount of success over the past decade. Including representing South Australia in both football and soccer.

Her impressive list of accolades are as follows;

2012 – Under 10 Best Team Man (Football)

2014 - Under 12 Best Team Man (Football)

2015 - Under 13 Best and Fairest (Soccer)

2015 - SACSA Under 15 team (State Soccer)

2016 – Under 15 Best and Fairest (Football)

2016 – Leading Goal Kicker (Football)

2017 - State under 15 team (Football)

2017 – SACSA Open soccer team + MVP

2018 – State under 16 team (Football)

2018 – SANFLW Glenelg team

2018 – Christies Beach Football Club under 18 Grand Final

2019 – State under 18 team (Football)

2019 – SANFLW Glenelg team

From this, Tamsyn has some favourite and cherished memories;

“I remember my first state game and Glenelg game.”

As well as a very wholesome tale;

“I used to always love it in under 12’s for footy because if we won by 20 goals or more our coach would buy us a donut and soft drink.”

Having accomplished so much already, it is by no surprise that reaching the AFLW is the next goal for where this young gun is dreaming on taking her career.

“It’d be great to show everyone that hard work pays off.”

Currently where she stands; looking toward a bright and promising career while also looking back on a very successful and outstanding list of accolades. She does have some people she would like to thank for reaching this point.

“I would have to say my family were the main ones that have encouraged me the most and have been there throughout it all.”

Luckily for us, Tamsyn does have some very generous words for all those who dream of following the same path;

“I would say give it your all whether it’s before, during or after training and or in games, I would also say have fun with it all whether you want to play sport for fun or if you want to reach for the top, just have fun, have your teammates backs because they have yours as well. Respect the people around you they treat you with respect so thank them for all they do for you.”

When away from the footy field, the humble Nipper has a few ways to wind down;

“I’m a Christian so I like to, when I have a free Friday night, to go hang out with my friends at my youth group.”

“I also love the beach it’s just really relaxing and when you go under the water it feels like there’s nothing there, like you’re free.”

Finally, for her nickname;

“I’m called Nipper at footy and only footy; no one knows what it means.”

“It has been something that started at Glenelg and now has been something that most people from footy call me, I guess.”

“I also do surf lifesaving and the younger ones there are called nippers so that’s where Nipper comes from.”

Having achieved so much already in her career; it is safe to say that the sky is the limit for Tamsyn Morriss.


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