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Tarni Brown - a Promising Future

'Keep on going and try as hard as you can to get to whatever level it is that you want to, whether that be AFLW or just local footy - because anything is possible if you just keep on trying.'


It was only a month ago when we picked the Top Eight Most Standout Players from the 2020 NAB League Girls Season – and sitting comfortably at our number five spot was none other than Tarni Brown.

This young gun from the Eastern Ranges enjoyed a strong start to the 2020 season, collecting a total of 48 disposals, nine tackles and five marks from the two games that she played before the season was suspended.

This performance is made even more impressive when you consider that 2020 marks just her third season of women’s football.

Tarni got her first experience of playing football a young age, as she spent one season playing alongside the boys at Templestowe. Then at age 15, she would once again return to footy, this time playing for the Donvale Football Club - ‘and I then got asked to play for the Eastern Ranges at the end of that season’.

However, football was not the only sport that she played during this time. In fact, majority of her sporting life up until now, was spent playing basketball – a sport that she only just took a break from this year to focus on football.

‘I was having some problems at basketball and wasn’t enjoying it as much as what I did when I was littler. Because of that, I decided to go into footy to try and take my mind of it a little bit and ended up really enjoying it.’

'Proud #26' - image kindly supplied by Tarni.

While Tarni is talented at footy, her passion towards the game is also worthy of mentioning, as her ‘favourite part about footy is the team aspect, and the feeling of everyone getting each other at the end of either a training or game’.

‘And also knowing that we all have each other’s backs and creating good friendships with new people.’

This passion towards the sport and her team only makes the suspension of this year’s season even more shattering – especially since they had a ‘pretty good preseason’.

‘It was just a bit disappointing we only got two games in, but it was still a lot of fun.’

But football will make its return eventually, and we will surely see Tarni continue her impressive string of performances when it does – in the meantime however, her main goal is trying to cope with it all.

‘I’m coping okay at the moment because I’m still able to train and do some work with my dad and brothers.

‘I’m more just missing the girls and actually running out and on the field and playing some games, but hopefully we can get back soon.’

But Tarni’s football career is much more than just two impressive games. In fact, she has managed to achieve an impressive amount considering she has only been playing for three years.

Included in these achievements is finishing equal third for the Eastern Ranges’ Best and Fairest last year. She has also represented Victoria Metro’s U16 side, and has been a part of the AFL Girls Academy for the last two years.

With these accolades in mind, it is safe to say that she has had an outstanding last three years of football, and as with anyone who has enjoyed some success, there are some people that she would like to thank for impacting her footy over the last few years.

‘I would probably just say a thank you to my whole family, being mainly my mum, dad and brothers, as they have always been super supportive of whatever I choose to do.’

So, what is next for this talented and passionate midfield/forward?

Well she has already shown some extremely promising signs – no doubt due to her rapidly growing list of accolades and her strong love for the game.

But while she has had an awesome last three years of football – we are certain that the best of Tarni Brown is still yet to come.

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