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Tayla Coles - the Promising Path

"Never give up, football may seem hard at first but it’s super fun when u get started. Don’t try and carry the team yourself; work as a team, it makes it so much more fun. Always ask your coach or someone on what you can improve in and set goals, so that when you play a game you know that you need to achieve something."


We have talked quite a bit about the distance some players travel for trainings and games; and just how much dedication is required in order to continually do such a thing.

Likewise, we have highlighted several promising youngsters from South Australia since we began just five months ago.

But is there anyone out there that fits into both of these categories?

Well, lucky for us, the answer is a resounding yes.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to an Eagles youngster and Bute local; Tayla Coles.

Tayla had a very humble beginning to football;

“I grew up watching my dad play footy and always kicked the ball with my cousins at half time but I guess when I moved over to the Yorke Peninsula, all I told my mum was that I wanted to play footy and so I did.”

“I have always followed the game. I love that girls now get the opportunity. There is no better feeling than the thrill of getting the ball in a game, and I enjoy tackling.”

However, despite loving the game, football wasn’t the only sport that Tayla had a crack at;

“I haven’t played any other sport out of school but when I lived in Adelaide, I made the district soccer team and have competed at Santos of few times.”

But lucky for us, she got her chance to play football and has stuck at it ever since;

“I’ve been playing football for 2 years. I’ve played for Bute under 14s and 17s and I’ve played for the YPFLW Association team.”

Despite being considerably new to football; her football career escalated rather quickly;

“One of my favourite memories was when I found out after only been playing footy for a couple of months that I made the Woodville-West Torrens team.”

Going from your local club to a development squad of an SANFLW club in just your first season, is a huge sign of potential.

And considering Tayla has now spent two years with the Eagles U15s; it has really helped fast-track her development;

“I learnt heaps from the Eagles, and I was lucky enough to play all of the games. I felt really lucky that I was able to play for them and I have improved heaps from playing with them. They managed there games really well and made it easy for us girls to understand their interchanges.”

Not only have the Eagles been beneficial for Tayla’s development, but it has also been beneficial for her friendships as well, with “Shineah Goodey and Kayleigh May” being two notable mentions.

“We work good together as a team and I’m already friends with them because we all live on the Yorke Peninsula.”

And this brings us back to what we mentioned earlier; which is the fact that Tayla lives on the Yorke Peninsula. Meaning that this promising player travels two hours to play and train for the Eagles;

“It’s ok I guess because that’s when I get all my homework done but after trainings some nights when we drive back I get tired the next day but it’s not too bad.”

Likewise, her love of the game would make any distance worthwhile travelling. Which shows a high level of dedication which is very promising for a player of her age to have.

And she isn’t phased at all by the distance she must travel; as this wing’s goals for next year is simply;

“Getting invited back to Woodville to try out for there under 17s squad in 2020.”

So, because this distance she travels shows great dedication from both her and her family; there are obviously some people she would like to thank for helping her reach this bright position;

“Scott Brown and the Eagles.”

“My mum and dad, and my teacher Nicole Hooper.”

The simple fact that she earned a spot in an SANFLW club’s development pathway in just her first season of football is a great sign of Tayla’s potential.

Add to this the fact that she is prepared to travel the two hours to train and play; and it equals one very passionate and dedicated footballer that has the potential to continue down this very bright path.


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