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Tayla Whincup - my Dream, my Goal, my Everything

"My advice would be to follow your dream no matter how hard it may be to get there. They don’t say dreams don’t come true for a reason. Just try your hardest and never forget what your passion is."


A lot can happen in just a single year of football, let alone twelve years; and as you’re about to find out, this promising Western Australian product has certainly experienced a lot over her twelve years of football.

From playing AusKick to playing International Rules in Europe; South Fremantle’s Tayla Whincup has a story unlike anyone who we have featured so far.

As we mentioned before, Tayla had previously played AusKick, which is in fact one of the major reasons behind her getting interested in the sport to begin with, that is, along with a good old-fashioned sibling rivalry.

“Well my older brother started AusKick a year before me and I loved watching him, and then I decided I would give it a go. My brother and I are very competitive, and I wanted to be better than him, so I gave it a crack and won.”

“Other than that, I have been around footy all my life and have just been drawn to it, as it is such an amazing competitive sport that I have just fallen in love with. I now live breath eat sleep footy.”

AusKick aside, it would be the Jandakot Jets where she would play her first club football, before moving to Mundijong Centrals and finally, South Fremantle.

“It has been so amazing it is just such a good environment being down there at Freo. Everyone is just so amazing, and you make lifetime friends that will always be there for you. I absolutely love it.”

However, with a career spanning twelve years, Tayla wasn’t only playing football, but she was also a part of the growth of women’s footy.

“Well I played with the boys for six years before the female team had come out. I then played for that girls’ team and didn’t really like it because it wasn’t as competitive as the boys, so I then went back to the boys for one more year and played the last year I could with them because of my age.”

“Once I moved to Mundijong, I started playing with the girls and the amount of skills and competitiveness that was in the female teams was amazing by the time female teams had been around for a while, and it just kept getting better every year as it went by and now the amount of talent out there is crazy.”

However, while playing football for twelve years is impressive, Tayla has managed to go one further as she has also managed to achieve a considerable amount of success during this time.

Some of the more notable accolades to Tayla’s name include traveling to Adelaide in 2018 as a part of Western Australia’s state U16s side, as well finishing runner-up to Mundijong’s Best and Fairest in that same year.

And she also claimed Mundijong’s Club Women award in 2017, was the Vice-Captain of South Fremantle in 2019 and is a part of the Western Australian state 18s program for 2020.

While all of these are impressive to say the least, the most remarkable would arguably be the time she “travelled to Europe to play for Australia in International Rules as a part of the Wanders Australia Association in 2019”.

“It was such a good experience. Getting to travel with all sorts of amazing footy players all around Australia and then also meeting amazing International Rules players from Ireland and London.”

But despite all of these achievements; one of her most cherished experiences came last year.

“One of the best experiences I have had would have been last year when I was playing state and was doing a five-week program with the woman’s Fremantle Dockers team.”

“Then being a member of one of the ten people that got asked to stay for another five weeks of training in their Next Generation Academy, where we played at Optus Stadium in a curtain raiser. It was just a great experience I will never forget.”

And this experience, also helps explain the motivations behind one of her main goals for the future.

“My biggest goal at the moment would be to make it into the draft and become an AFLW player for Fremantle Dockers. It is been my dream, my goal, my everything for as long as I can think of.”

As she chases her dream of getting to don the purple and white, she will continue to have some great support; support that she would like to take a chance to thank for helping her reach this promising position.

“I would really like to thank my family for all the help they have all given when it comes down to getting me to training being there for support in my games they have been a massive part of my footy career.”

“I would also like to thank all my coaches I have had through the years they are absolutely amazing, and I couldn’t do it without them.”

With great passion, dedication and more experience than a lot of other players of her age; Tayla Whincup’s dreams of becoming a Docker may soon become a reality.


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