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Teagan Usher - the Compassionate Eagle

Updated: Aug 21, 2019


About the only thing that can surpass Teagan Usher’s playing career; is the person she is off the field;

In fact; you know you are doing something right, when you even make friends with opposition players. However, this pretty much sums up how kind Teagan is;

“Throughout my years playing state and with the Allies this year, I became really close with Maddi Newman and Emma Smith who both play for West Adelaide. We get along so well and have similar traits. They both have taught me a lot just by playing alongside them.”

It appears that this wholesome Eagle makes good friends in every team she plays for;

“Some of my best footy friends are Jaimi Tabb and Chloe Forby who I met through the Woodville West Torrens development program and played my first SANFL season with! I see them both as great role models on and off the field. I currently play local league with Chloe Forby as well.”

However, before she was busy making friends and impressing on the football field; Tegan was quite the basketball player;

“I played basketball for Western Magic and West Adelaide Bearcats for 10 years before I started footy! I won 3 MVP awards during the years I played.”

With that in mind; it may seem strange at first to leave a successful basketball career behind in pursuit of a career in football.

However; playing football was always the dream for Tegan;

“I had always wanted to play footy just from kicking the footy around with my cousins and sister but never had the opportunities and didn’t feel like I’d fit in playing with the boys.”

“But I played a football carnival for my high school in year 11 and just instantly feel in love with it as a game!”

“So, I decided it was time to switch from basketball to footy because that’s where my passion was.”

And the rest is history; but what a piece of history it is for the humble player;

“I’ve been playing footy for three years now! I’ve played for a number of clubs at local level juniors; including Seaton, Henley and this year I’m at SMOSH seniors!”

“This year has been my first year of SANFLW at Woodville West Torrens! And I played footy for state in 2018-2019 and I played for Allies in 2019 as well!”

During this time, she also finished runners-up to the Best and Fairest at the Henley Football Club.

Considering Teagan’s dedication and passion, coupled with her ability to make friends with ease; it is no surprise that the thing she loves about the game is;

“I love how fast paced and constant it is. I love the physical side of it as well, being able to tackle and pressure players because it makes me feel like I’m working hard and is also so rewarding when you are successful! I love how hard football makes me work for what I want.”

“On the other hand, I also love how it is so inclusive and brings people all types of people together as a team! I have made some of my closest friends through sharing our love of footy.”

We have already mentioned how her compassion leads to her making friends for practically every team she has played for.

But this compassion along with her hard work and dedication has also led her to some great opportunities and memories;

“My favourite footy memory at the moment is when we went away to Gold Coast for Allies and won our first game ever! Getting to sing that song with the team with such excitement and happiness just made me proud of everyone!”

“Allies was an unreal and amazing experience! It is definitely by far my greatest football achievement! I found that I learnt so much within just a month of training! It was amazing to be surrounded by some of the most talented girls from both SA and NT! It was also so good to be surrounded by such good coaching staff.”

“The games were some of the most physically demanding games I’ve played as I have never played on that level before, but it benefited me in the best ways possible and just helped me improve.”

Another great opportunity for the promising product; was being a part of the inaugural Woodville-West Torrens SANFLW side;

“I felt honoured to be a part of the first women’s Eagles team ever! It was definitely a step up from playing juniors footy, but I think it was the next step I needed to improve my skills and overall footy.”

“I love how it gave me a chance to grow as a player and as a person even. It thought me a lot of lessons. My teammates were amazing, and it was just such an inclusive environment.”

Tegan makes the most out of opportunity and sees the bright side out of every situation.

And with many more exciting and promising opportunities destined to be heading her way; going forwards for the wholesome player;

“My main goals moving forward are just to improve myself and grow as a footballer on and off the field. I’d love to gain even more knowledge and skills for this awesome game and hopefully with hard work and determination it will grow into something further!”

As she continues to improve and “grow” as a footballer; it is unclear just how far this compassionate and dedicated Eagle will go.

However, we can be absolutely certain that she will continue to be the extremely humble and kind person she is today.


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