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The SANFLW Dream Team - 2019

Updated: May 6, 2020

As we count down to our SANFLW Dream Team (2017 – 2019), we thought now would be a good time to revisit the season that was 2019 and bring to you all of that season’s best performers.

With the notable absence of players that were picked up in that year’s draft, we have put together the new and improved 2019 SANFLW Dream Team.

While it now feels like a long way away, the 2019 SANFL Women’s season was another step in the right direction for women’s football.

It was the season that brought us two new additions, with Central District and Woodville-West Torrens both joining the league for the first time.

It was the season that saw Glenelg come out of nowhere to make the finals and just narrowly fall in the first semi-final.

And it was the season that saw South Adelaide become the first team in the SANFLW to win back to back Premierships.

So, sit back, relax and enjoy some heavy 80s inspired nostalgia, as we look back on the best performers of the 2019 season in the Minutes with Moose 2019 SANFLW Dream Team.


Coach: Rick Watts (South Adelaide) Captain: Georgia Bevan Vice Captain: Madison Bennett

As we saw with the first few rounds of the 2020 SANFLW season, the league’s best performers are made up of a mix of both young and experienced players. But when your team is considerably young, it means you need a very strong and passionate leader, which is why we have chosen Sturt’s Georgia Bevan as our Dream Team Captain. Likewise, the Vice-Captaincy goes to a player whose passion is unparalleled, South Adelaide’s Madison Bennett.

As for the coach, it is pretty obvious that the 2019 SANFLW Premiership coach should also earn the title of the Dream Team coach as well, which then goes to South Adelaide’s Rick Watts, who finished the year with a ten and two record, including finals.

Each club is represented in the Dream Team by at least one player; with the three best performers that season, North Adelaide, South Adelaide and Norwood, all holding the most spots.

Scroll down for a break down of every player named in the 2019 Dream Team.


Forward Pocket

Madison Bennett (South Adelaide) Finishing fifth for the league’s Leading Goalkicker, this SANFLW Premiership player and South Adelaide Leading Goalkicker is a valuable addition to any side. However, her signature strength would easily be her forward pressure, with her quick pace and tremendous tackling ability allowing her to trap the ball in her side’s forward line. Averaging nearly five tackles a game last season, her hard work and attitude off the ground is also why we have named her as the Vice-Captain of our Dream Team.

Full Forward

Kelly Barltrop (North Adelaide) Being named as the full-forward of the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Year; it isn’t much of a surprise then that she was named here in our team. She topped the league’s Leading Goalkicker tally with 29 goals from 13 games. Add to this an average of nearly two marks a game and a 76% scoring efficiency, and it equals an extremely valuable player to have up-forward. But just the simple fact that she nearly doubled the amount of goals kicked by the runner-up Leading Goalkicker, goes to show why she was the best and most dangerous forward during the 2019 season.

Forward Pocket

Melanie Elsegood (West Adelaide) West Adelaide’s Melanie Elsegood finished the season with nine goals from her ten games; which saw her finish fourth in the league’s Leading Goalkicker tally. But as well as collecting 53 disposals this season, she also showcased some forward pressure with an average of nearly two tackles a game. Overall, Melanie is a very reliable and consistent performer up forward, perfect for the Dream Team.

Half Forward Flank

Katelyn Rosenzweig (Central District) Booting nine goals in eight games, Katelyn Rosenzweig still looms as a potential AFLW draftee. Not only did she collected a total of 58 disposals and finish equal fifth in the league for total goals; but her high level of dedication and passion to bounce back from several injuries shows a high level of both talent and professionalism. Meaning that despite several setbacks, Katelyn is still among some of the best forwards in the competition currently.

Centre Half Forward

Kiana Lee (Woodville – West Torrens) Playing ten games for nine goals, Kiana Lee has established herself as a force to be reckoned with up-forward. Finishing the 2019 SANFLW season with 114 disposals and an average of four marks a game; not only did she finish equal fifth in the league for total goals, but she also finished fifth in the league for total marks as well. And as if that wasn’t enough, she was second in the league for contested marks. A very powerful forward to have in the Dream Team, with not just her goal scoring but also her ability to set other teammates up as well. A very valuable player for the Eagles.

Half Forward Flank

Teah Charlton (South Adelaide) A member of the SANFLW Team of the Year’s forward-line. South Adelaide’s Teah Charlton is a remarkable player to say the least; as she was not only among the top ten in the league for total goals in 2019, but she was also first in the league for total tackles with 77. Add to this the fact that she was fourth in the league for contested marks with 11, and seventh in the league for total disposals with 163; and it isn’t a surprise that she has been labelled as one of the best young players in the country. Being able to play both up forward or the midfield, Teah brings versatility to the side with her outside pace and beautiful kick.


Monique Hollick (Norwood) A wing that can not only score herself but also set up her teammates, Norwood’s Monique Hollick was one of the stand outs in 2019; finishing the season with 172 disposals and nine goals from 12 games. However, that is not all she managed to achieve, as she not only finished fifth in the league for total disposals, but she also created plenty of chances up forward, as she topped the league in total inside 50s.


Abbie Ballard (West Adelaide) One of the youngest players in our 2019 Dream Team and playing ten games last SANFLW season, West Adelaide’s Abbie Ballard collected 161 disposals and averaged an outstanding five tackles and four clearances a game. Add to this the fact that she finished third in the league for total clearances and sixth in the league for total tackles, and it makes it hard to believe that she’s still under 18 years of age. She is easily one of the brightest youngsters in the SANFLW to date and a very welcome part of the Dream Team.


Lauren Daniel (North Adelaide) The 2019 Grand Finalist had several standout players, one of which was none other than Lauren Daniel. She played all 13 games for the Roosters last season, and collected a strong total of 195 disposals, three goals and an average of three tackles a game. It was this same strong performance that saw her earn a spot in the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Year.

Half Back-Flank

Sam Pratt (South Adelaide) Sam was named as South’s Most Courageous Player for the 2019 season; which sits nicely alongside the 102 disposals and 44 tackles she collected that same year. However, her greatest attributes besides courageous would easily be her quick pace and high awareness which sees her disrupt the opposition's plays with ease. Her ability to intercept and create plays for her team is exactly why she is a proud part of our 2019 Dream Team.

Centre Half Back

Kimberley Fry (Central District) As a member of the 2019 Central Allies team, Kimberley was a standout performer for one of the SANFLW's newest teams. Finishing the 2019 SANFLW season with a total of 84 disposals from nine games; along with an average of four tackles and two rebound 50s a game. This all helps explain why she would also go on to be named at half back of the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Year. Another great young inclusion for the Dream Team and one that has certainly been worth watching during the 2020 SANFLW season.

Half Back-Flank

Demi Sonneman (Central District) Central District’s Demi Sonneman managed to not only collect 108 disposals from eight games, which she rarely wasted thanks to her impressive 74% disposal efficiency; but she also managed four rebound 50s, tackles and marks a game. But despite playing only eight games, her performances were enough to see her finish third overall in the league for total rebound 50s. She is simply one of those players that any club would love to have down back.

Back Pocket

Amber Ward (North Adelaide) Being named as the full back of the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Year; this North Adelaide youngster has definitely been making a mark down back. And this title is well earned, considering she finished the 2019 season with an average of 12 disposals a game at an impressive 82% disposal efficiency. However, if that wasn’t enough, Amber also finished second in the league for total rebound 50s with 42. A defender that can not only disrupt the opposition plays but can also set up plays for her own side, Amber is certainly a Dream Team level of defender.

Full Back

Jaslynne Smith (South Adelaide) This two-time SANFLW Premiership player collected 109 disposals at a 78% disposal efficiency and averaged three rebound 50s a game during the 2019 season. But what sets her apart from the rest is just how composed and reliable Jaslynne is in defence. As the one of the sides last lines of defence, her accurate kick and strong hands has seen her stay strong even during the tensest of times. And going by her performances during the trail games this season, it doesn’t look like this Dream Team full back is going to let her standards slip anytime soon.

Back Pocket

Ellie Kellock (Glenelg) Being named in the back pocket of the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Year. Ellie proved to be a defender worth watching for the Tigers last season as she finished the year with 142 disposals at an outstanding 79% disposal efficiency and she finished tenth in the league for total rebound 50s. She also managed to average four tackles and three marks a game from 11 games she played that season.


Leah Cutting (Norwood)

As the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Year’s ruck; Leah Cutting finished the home and away season with 208 hit outs, which is 26 more than the player in second place. But not only did she top the league in hit outs, she also finished second in the league for tackles, finishing with an average of seven a game. Add to this, three goals and 121 disposals from 12 games; and it explains exactly why she is our Dream Team‘s ruck.

Ruck Rover

Czenya Cavouras (South Adelaide) Playing 12 games in the blue and white last year, Czenya collected 227 disposals and averaged eight tackles and four clearances a game. All of this added up to make her finish seventh in the league for total clearances, third in the league for total disposals, and third in the league for total tackles. She has great awareness and great pace along with a tremendous stamina that can see her keeping going right up until the final siren. A valuable player to have in any side and a must have player in the Dream Team.


Georgia Bevan (Sturt) Georgia Bevan ended up topping the league in total clearances with an average of five a game, which is impressive enough to make the Dream Team. But not only did she collect 48 clearances in just nine games, but she also managed to collect 146 disposals and average five tackles a game as well. So, considering she finished thirteenth in the league for total disposals, and tenth in the league for tackles, it is safe to say that Georgia has certainly proven that she is capable of playing in the AFLW again. Her high level of talent and positive attitude also sees her gain respect both on and off the field, which is why she is the Captain of our 2019 Dream Team.


Samantha Franson (Glenelg) As a reliable and strong performer; Samantha Franson played all of the Tigers 11 games last year and finished with 125 disposals and six goals. But what makes her stand out the most is the fact that she managed to average three clearances and a remarkable seven tackles a game.

Maya Rigter (Sturt)

A player that performs above and beyond what is expected of her with each passing week, it is no surprise that Maya received a leadership for the 2020 season on the back of what was an impressive year for her. The 2019 season saw Maya collect a total of 131 disposals and a goal from just ten games. She also managed an outstanding average of eight tackles and two clearances a game in a performance that saw her earn a spot in the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Year.

Sophie Armitstead (Norwood)

It is easy to see why Sophie made both our Dream Team and the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Year as she had one very impressive season last year. Playing 12 games for Norwood last year, she collected a total of 165 disposals and two goals, but this is nothing compared to the outstanding average of five tackles and four clearances a game that she also managed.

Paige Allan (North Adelaide) The fast-paced Paige Allan enjoyed a strong 2019 season, and it has only been due to injury that we have not seen her replicate it this year. In total, she finished the 2019 season with 97 disposals and three goals from 11 games; the third of which came during the semi-final, which would prove to be the eventual game winner. Add to this an average of two inside 50s a game, and it equals a worthy player for our Dream Team.


Leah Tynan (North Adelaide) North Adelaide’s Leah Tynan finished the 2019 SANFLW season with 157 disposals and four goals, from the 13 games she played. Which was enough to see her finish ninth in the league for total tackles, and sixth in the league for total clearances. She is a player that can play her role brilliantly, which is exactly why she earnt a spot in our Dream Team.

Tamsyn Morriss (Glenelg) In the 2019 SANFLW season alone this proud Tiger collected 71 disposals and averaged two rebound 50s and three tackles a game. With a long history full of accolades, arguably the best aspect of Tamsyn is her age; because despite how good she is currently, she easily has the potential to develop into something more special in the not so distant future. Which means that this talented youngster, might be in the Dream Team for years to come.

Erika Sporn (Norwood) Norwood’s Erika Sporn played 12 games during the 2019 SANFLW season and gathered 60 disposals at a comfortable 67% efficient, and she even managed to sneak down and boot three goals. A nice composed and talented player that can go wherever she is needed.

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