• Jayden J Bartlett

The Future of Minutes with Moose

It has been a very busy past few months for Minutes with Moose, as we spent most of our time juggling our Player Feature articles, Top Eight articles and of course, the launch of our YouTube channel.

But it has certainly been worth it, with our YouTube channel gaining more attention than we expected, as well as a recent Top Eight article hitting the 800 plus view mark.

Add to this, the fact that our Player Feature articles have jumped from an average of 200 views an article to over 400 views, and it equals the most successful time for Minutes with Moose thus far.

But what is next for us?

Well with football finally returning, we have spent a lot of time preparing and brainstorming for our weekly podcasts; which will address not just the news and results of that week, but we also aim to have at least one player a week come on as a ‘guest speaker’. (Expressions of interest are still open for our podcast so feel free to get in touch)

As well as this, new content will be added to the site including the SANFLW Team of the Week, which will be made up of the league’s best performers from each round. Likewise, we are also working on a NAB Player or Players of the week.

We also aim to drastically increase our interstate content, through not just our Top Eight articles and news articles, but also on our podcasts and YouTube channel as well.

However, in saying that, we also aim to continue our support of grass roots football here in South Australia, as we look at new ways to help promote local clubs and players.

There are other new pieces of content that are in the early stages of development; so, stay tuned on social media to find out more soon. Including several things to help celebrate our 100th Player Feature.

We would also like to take some to give a massive thank you to all the players that volunteered to become ambassadors for Minutes with Moose. We are currently working on ways to properly reward these awesome people.

The ambassadors for Minutes with Moose are as follows …

Gabbi Featherston, Casey Griggs, Lily Lee, Colbie Frankland, Renee Ullrich, Meg Bentley, Ashlea Weston, Rhiarn Shaw, Bre Jade, Kiahni Russell, Mikayla von Renouard, Ella Little and Indiana Flynn.

We would also like to thank those who have been providing us with suggestions and ideas over the past few months, and if anyone has any suggestions for future Player features, feel free to get in touch via social media or by the contact details on our website.

As always, we appreciate all the support we have been given over the past few months, and fingers crossed Minutes with Moose will continue to expand in the not so distant future.



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