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The 2019 SANFLW Team of the Future

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We have revisited our 2019 SANFLW Dream Team, so now it is time to have a glimpse into the future by revisiting our 2019 SANFLW Team of the Future. A team that is full of potential stars that may very well one day make our next edition of the Dream Team.

From talented role players to youngsters that were yet to make their senior debut, the spot in the Team of the Future is judged off a player’s potential or by their achievements from the 2019 season.

To be eligible, a player must have been on either a senior or junior SANFLW list and had to be aged 19 years or under by Round One of the 2019 SANFLW season.

So, join us, as admire the talented youngsters and potential stars that make up the 2019 SANFLW Team of the Future.


Coach: Ryan Skouburg (South Adelaide), Tess Baxter (Woodville – West Torrens)

Captain: Bella Smith

Vice Captain: Milli Gentle

The four clubs with the strongest U17s sides are also the teams that hold the most positions in the Team of the Future, with Glenelg, South Adelaide, West Adelaide and Sturt making up the majority of the side. North Adelaide are the only side without a player represented, mainly because their star young gun Amber Ward was in our Dream Team. But it is safe to say that there is certainly one North young gun that will make the 2020 side, which is Hannah Ewings.

As for the Coaching Positions, due to the young nature of this team we have gone with the 2019 SANFLW U17s Premiership coach Ryan Skouburg as the Head Coach. Woodville – West Torrens Head Coach Tess Baxter has also been selected as an assistant coach.

For the Leadership Positions, we have selected the former U15 state captain and two-time U18 state representative, Bella Smith to lead this team. As for the Vice-Captain, we have selected the NSW product and current Glenelg player Milli Gentle, due to her vast knowledge of the game and background in coaching.

Scroll down for a break down of every player named in the Team of the Future.


Forward Pocket

Georgia Swan (Sturt)

One of several very promising forwards that don the double blue, Georgia Swan was a reliable performer for Sturt during their inaugural season in 2019. In total, she managed to boot two goals and collect a total of 75 disposal from the ten games she played. She also managed a comfortable average of two tackles and two marks a match.

Full Forward

Indy Tahau (South Adelaide) 2019 marked Indy Tahau’s first season of senior SANFLW football, but you wouldn’t be able to tell it if you ever saw her play. Indy finished the season in the top ten in the league for marks and she also played big role in the 2019 SANFLW Grand Final with two goals and 20 disposals; a performance that saw her receive the Best on Ground award. In total, the fast paced forward played 12 games during last year’s SANFLW season, and finished with eight goals, 148 disposals and 36 marks. And with fellow Panther Montana McKinnon now in the AFLW, it looks as if Indy will also rotate through the ruck more often.

Forward Pocket

Madisyn Freeman (Glenelg)

This three-time U18s state player collected a total of 94 disposals and averaged four tackles and two clearances a game from the 11 SANFLW games she played during the 2019 season. With this in mind, it isn’t a surprise that this performance led her to a spot in the 2019 Central Allies team. Despite being in a team that has several great youngsters, Madi is still able to make herself known.

Half Forward Flank

Bella Smith (Norwood)

As a former Captain of the U15 state side, Bella Smith would have to be the best youngster that Norwood has at their disposal. And things just seem to come in pairs for this Norwood prospect, with two U18 state appearances too her name as well as two undefeated Premierships and two Best on Ground medallions from those same Premierships. While she may transition into a forward position for the upcoming season, her height and clean skills means she has the potential to do just as, if not more, damage up-forward as she did down back.

Centre Half Forward

Alex Ballard (Sturt) Winner of the 2018 SANFL Junior Association Medal; Alex has been playing for Sturt’s senior women’s team since their inaugural year in 2018. Likewise, she has also represented the South Australian U18s in both 2018 and 2019. However, it is her performance during the 2019 SANFLW season which is a sure sign of good things to come. Playing nine games during the year, she collected 98 disposals at an outstanding 80% efficiency, all while averaging nearly three tackles a game. And it was this impressive performance that saw her finish fourth for Sturt’s Best and Fairest, which is an awesome feat for someone of her age.

Half Forward Flank

Emma Smith (West Adelaide) Emma Smith is one of those players who has the potential to become something special. This West Adelaide product had a very consistent season last year, collecting 77 disposals at a respectable 70% disposal efficiency. This, added to the fact that she was Scared Heart's Captain, means that she has the leadership to not only back up her impressive skills but also her tremendous work rate. It looks as if this Westies product will play a more midfield role during this season, which she certainly has the potential to do a lot of damage doing.


Charlotte Dolan (Woodville – West Torrens)

As a member of the Eagle’s U17s and wearing the soon to be iconic pink helmet; Charlotte’s greatest strengths seem to be pace, pressure and clean ball skills. Which, as a midfielder, is exactly what we want. Add to this, a positive attitude and the fact that most her teammates seem to really enjoy playing with her, and it equals a very bright player for the Eagles.


Tessa Kohn (Glenelg)

We have said it a lot already; but Glenelg was the surprise packet of the 2019 SANFLW season. But maybe, in 2020 the next surprise they have for us is in the form of Tessa Kohn. While we personally don’t know too much about this Tigers prospect, it is safe to say that her teammates hold her in a high regard. Which is exactly why we are keeping an eye on her for this SANFLW season.


Emogen Johnson (South Adelaide)

Strathalbyn product Emogen Johnson, has the speed and relentless pressure which are above what you would expect from someone of her age. Likewise, the fact that she has played in four Premierships in just two years, two for Strathalbyn and two for the South Adelaide U17s, is remarkable to say the least. With all this in mind, it isn’t much of a surprise that her first performance at SANFLW level saw her collect 84 disposals and average nearly three tackles and two clearances a game from the eight games she played during the 2019 season. Overall, she is a fast-paced player that loves to get her own ball, and she will not stop working hard until she gets it.

Half Back-Flank

Keeley Kustermann (West Adelaide)

Having Keeley Kustermann named on the bench seems a little harsh, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t admire how much potential this Westies product has. As a two-time U15s state player and an All Australian; this player may just be the missing piece of the West Adelaide puzzle. Playing in two Premierships last year alone, one with Goodwood’s U16s and the other with their U18s, Keeley is certainly a player that is worth watching during the 2020 SANFLW season.

Centre Half Back

Gypsy Schirmer (South Adelaide)

Gypsy is one of those players that really stood out during the Panthers U17s Premiership campaign during 2019. With an impressive pace and a beautiful kick, she definitely has the potential to hold her own on a senior SANFLW list. Unfortunately, she is yet to make her senior SANFLW debut this year due to injury. However, upon returning, if she can get a few senior SANFLW games under her belt, it will certainly be beneficial for this humble product. But regardless, Gypsy’s age means that she has plenty of time to continue to grow and develop; and it is scary to think just how good she could be.

Half Back-Flank

Emily Brockhurst (South Adelaide)

A very consistent performer for the Panthers, Emily finished the 2019 season with 64 disposals at a respectable 61% efficiency. These stats sit nicely alongside her other accolades; the 2018 U18s Christies Beach Best and Fairest, the 2018 SANFLW U17s Premiership, the 2018 SAWFL U18s Premiership and finally the 2019 SANFLW Premiership. Three Premierships in two years; can’t get much better then that but accolades aside, she is just a promising player that plays her role brilliantly.

Back Pocket

Tesharna Maher (Woodville - West Torrens)

With quick pace and clean skills, Tesharna Maher has proven to be a very valuable part of the Eagles. Donning the blue, green and gold, the 2019 season saw her collect a total of 74 disposals from eight games, which she rarely wasted due to her impressive 80% disposal efficiency. Add to this an average of three tackles and two rebound 50s a game, and it equals a player that will continue to be very integral part of her side for years to come.

Full Back

Hannah Prenzler (Sturt)

As one of Sturt’s best young players, Hannah Prenzler can play her role brilliantly despite being up against much older opponents. Playing ten games during the 2019 SANFLW season, she collected a total of 79 disposals and an average of four tackles a game. She might not be the biggest name in the SANFLW currently, but with some time, she certainly has the potential to play a much bigger role going forwards and we have already had a glimpse of that this season, as she is now a part of Sturt's 2020 leadership group.

Back Pocket

Milli Gentle (Glenelg) Glenelg’s Milli Gentle only joined the club midway through the year after making her way over from New South Wales. So, we didn’t get to see too much of her during the 2019 season. However, if her career back in NSW tells us anything, it is that she has a lot of potential. She is a two-time state player for the NSW/ACT as well as a two-time Best and Fairest for the Snowy Mountain Bears. While off the field, Milli has also showcased her great leadership skills, taking coaching roles in and away from the Tigers. So, if she can get some more games under her belt and remain as injury free as possible during the 2020 SANFLW season and beyond, there is no reason that she can replicate the same success that she had in NSW, here.


Zoe Prowse (Sturt)

Having represented South Australia’s U15s (2018) and U16s (2019); Sturt’s Zoe Prowse is one of these players that has the potential to be something very special. With great skills and attitude to match, this SAWFL Team of the Year player is one that we will surely keep an eye on in the years to come. But for now, we can safely say that she is the ruck of our SANFLW Team of the Future.

Ruck Rover

Laitiah Huynh (Central District)

Laitiah Huynh is one of the Bulldogs finest youngsters. Having represented the state in both the U16s and the U18s, her performance during the 2019 SANFLW season was one of the highlights for Central District; as she gathered 27 tackles from just nine games and she even earned a Breakthrough Player nomination in round four.


Zoe Venning (West Adelaide)

While she was not as formidable during the 2019 season as she has been this year, the signs of what was to come were certainly there. Playing all ten of the Bloods games during the 2019 SANFLW season, Zoe collected a total of 69 disposals and two goals, along with a promising average of three tackles a game. As good as this was, it is nothing compared to what she has done so far during the 2020 season, as she has nearly surpassed her 2019 disposal tally after just four games.


Renee Roberts (Glenelg)

As a three-time runner-up Best and Fairest and a member of the 2017 U15s All Nations state team; it is safe to say that this Glenelg prospect has quite a lot of potential. Keeping in mind that she was a member of Glenelg’s U17s team; so, if she can get a taste of senior SANFLW football this year, it will work wonders in terms of her development. So, as we count down to the start of the 2020 SANFLW season, Renee Roberts may just be a player worth keeping an eye on.

Brooklyn Kraft (South Adelaide) With strong hands, a booming kick and great agility for someone of her height, South Adelaide’s Brooklyn Kraft has a great amount of potential. But she is also just as dangerous when the ball is on the ground as it is when it is in the air, as she averaged two tackles a game during the 2019 SANFLW season. Add to this, two Premiership medallions from the same year, one for South Adelaide’s senior women (2019) and one for South’s U17s (2019), and it equals a player that we have to keep an eye on going forwards.

Brooke Tonon (Glenelg) Another very promising Glenelg youngster, Brooke Tonon has experienced a considerable amount over the past three years. With accolades that include a spot in the 2018 and 2019 South Australian U16s state team as well as a Premiership with East Gambier. But there is more to Brooke than just great skills, as she also has a great team first mindset. Evident through the fact that she was named East Gambier’s Most Dedicated player in both 2018 and 2019. All of this adds up to make her a player that is worth keeping an eye on for years to come.

Madison Lane (Central District)

Central Districts were one of the two new inclusions for the 2019 SANFLW season and one of their biggest strengths that became obvious rather early on was the number of promising youngsters they had at their disposal. One such player is Maddy Lane, who played nine games during the 2019 SANFLW season and collected a total of 50 disposals and managed a very strong average of four tackles a game.


Tiffany Copley (South Adelaide)

A product of the McLaren Football Club, this accomplished surf lifesaver proved to be a healthy inclusion for reigning Premiers. Her first SANFLW season last year saw her play seven games, including the 2019 Grand Final; and saw her collect a respectable 49 disposals. While Tiffany played her role brilliantly throughout the season and was able to go wherever she was needed; a great player is able to step up in the big moments, and that is exactly what she did. As she kicked her first and only SANFLW goal during last year’s Semi Final to seal South Adelaide’s 13-point win. A great player with a great attitude, this very versatile player has recently joined the Panthers leadership squad for the 2020 season.

Aisha Thomas (Central District)

Another very promising youngster that dons the blue, red and white; Aisha Thomas had a solid year during the Bulldogs inaugural season in 2019. All up, she managed a comfortable 29 disposals from the four games that she played, which sits very nicely alongside the three tackles that she averaged per match.

Chloe Forby (Woodville - West Torrens)

A very reliable and consistent performer for the Eagles, Chloe Forby enjoyed a strong 2019, despite the Eagles going winless. That is because she managed to boot two goals and collect a total of 44 disposals from the seven games she played during the 2019 season. But the most impressive stats for hers would have to be her 77% disposal efficiency and her average of six tackles a match.

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