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Top Eight: Best Feelings in Footy

To quote the great Mike Brady, “you either love or hate it, depending on the score” and while this is certainly true for supporters—players can get their own kicks from more than just what is written on the scoreboard. Ranging from the game changing moments to the clutch goals, we put the question out to the female football community to find out what they believe are the Top Eight: Best Feelings in Footy.


#8 Game Changing Efforts

One can certainly not underestimate how valuable momentum can be during a football match. Which is why an interception that quickly turns the tide of play into your team’s favour or a strong chase-down tackle that gets the fans on their feet can be as equally great for yourself as it is for your team.

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping quite like a strong contested mark or a hard tackle—and it can be made even more sweeter if you can step up and do it when your team needs it most.

#7 The Nail Biting Wins

There are several ways as to how a game can come down to the wire. Sometimes games are just shoot outs, others force your side to build momentum late and come from behind, then there are those matches where your side has to hold off your fast-finishing opponents and stumble over the finish line. Regardless of how it came to be, close wins provide some of the best feelings in footy.

During the closing minutes, when the legs are getting tired—that is when it comes down to pure desperation. Although in many cases it may just come down to luck, the bounce of the ball or even just which team has the wind advantage in the final term. Nonetheless, if your team is winning, all the nerves are quickly overridden by pure passion when the final siren sounds. Same goes if it is in a final, although the emotions are dialled up to eleven.

#6 First High and Low

Some players are lucky and get to experience their first win during their debut match. But for every winner there has got to be a loser, and some players end up spending weeks looking for the elusive first win. On the flip side, there were players that also rated their first loss—mainly because ‘footy isn’t all about winning’.

Both the first win and the first loss come with their own emotions, the former usually comes with some relief and excitement with the added bonus of the Powerade shower. Whereas the first loss can also be a humbling experience, just depending on how you take it.

#5 The First Major

Similar to a players first win, the first goal can take minutes or months before it comes to fruition, usually depending on the position for obvious reasons. But whether you are a young forward kicking a goal in the big league for the first time, or a defender snagging your first goal after too many games than you are willing to admit—both come with the same excitement.

It is just as good to watch a debutant kick their first goal and see the teammates rush to get around them.

#4 Footballing Family

The family you make through football and how they can around each other was easily the more wholesome response we received when we asked what the best feeling in footy was. Whether it is getting around a player after they have done a great piece of play or just seeing players get around each other to keep morale high—it is hard to beat a team with a great sense of comradery.

Its one thing to do it when the times are good, but when the team can rally around each other even when times are tough—that is what provides one of the best feelings in footy.

#3 Game Winning Defenders

When it comes to winning games, defenders rarely get shown any love. For every attempt at a game winning goal there is a defender that is trying to prevent it—so there is something poetic when a defender can win the match for their side.

Defenders usually get overlooked, so when it is their strong tackle or intercept mark that wins the match, it can go down into folklore—just think of Leo Barry’s mark in the 2005 AFL Grand Final.

#2 The Clutch

As mentioned earlier, for every forward that is attempting to win the match, there is also a defender trying to stop them. But when a very late goal gets kicked to put your team into the lead—its just as much a clutch goal as it is the final nail in the coffin for the opposition.

It comes with way more pressure than anything else on this list, because it is the last action that can decide the match so its usually the main thing that supporters will remember—so it is both the worst and the best feeling in footy, depending on how much the kick registers.

#1 The Ultimate Glory

Of course, the best feeling in footy ties into pretty much everything else on this list. All the game winning moments, the debutants, and nail biting wins all lead towards the ultimate prize. It could be the best season of footy, but without winning the final game of the season it can feel a bit null and void.

It often comes with the best team feeling too—when the team can finally relax and soak up the win after a long and often hard season. Just like the winning goals, not everyone can experience, in fact some of the game’s greatest ever players not had a premiership too their name. So when it does happen, you have to enjoy it.

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