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Top Eight: Best U18 SANFLW Players. Part One

Updated: Nov 14, 2019


There is something always good to be found when we look at the next generation of footballers and in this case, it is the insane amount of talent that will be at the forefront of women’s football in the coming years.

And as we have said on numerous occasions; a young player making it onto an SANFLW senior list is a great achievement in itself.

So, we thought it would be best to put the spotlight on some of the best U18 players who are currently on a SANFLW list.

Some of these players have since turned 18 but we believe if they are eligible for the state U18s and the Central Allies then they are eligible for our list. Also, for the sake of this list, players who have since been drafted will not be included; because we believe the fact that they were drafted, pretty much sums up where they would’ve been on our list.

So, without further ado, these are the Top Eight best U18 SANFLW players (part one).

#8 – Hannah Prenzler (Sturt)

As one of Sturt’s best young players, Hannah Prenzler was very unlucky not to feature on our Hidden Gems list. Playing ten games this year in the double blue; she collected a total of 79 disposals and an average of four tackles a game. She might not be the biggest name, but she has the ability to play a big role going forwards.

#7 – Bella Smith (Norwood)

Bella Smith could have easily gone higher on this list; as the once captain of the U15 state side … things just seem to come in pairs for this Norwood prospect. With two U18 state appearances as well as two undefeated premierships and two Best on Ground medallions from those same premierships. While she could’ve easily gone higher; it is safe to say that she is one of the best.

#6 – Kiana Lee (Woodville – West Torrens)

We have already introduced you to Kiana Lee on our Hidden Gems list. But just to recap on this promising Eagle, she finished in the top ten in the league for total goals and marks. To add to this, she also finished equal third for the Eagles Best and Fairest and received the Best First Year Player award as well. So considering she is one of the best forwards in the league at the current moment; it isn't a surprise that she made it onto our list.

#5 – Tamsyn Morriss (Glenelg)

The Glenelg product Tamsyn Morriss is another Hidden Gem to make it on this list, and she could have easily been higher on this list as well. Representing the Central Allies this season, Nipper is no stranger to success with her accolades stretching back years and covering not just football but also soccer. We have said it once and we will say it again; she is definitely a player to watch going forwards.

#4 – Laitiah Huynh (Central District)

Laitiah is one of the Bulldogs finest youngsters; she has represented the state in both the U16s and the U18s while this SANFLW season, she one of the positives for the league's newest inclusion. She gathered 27 tackles in just nine games this season while she also earned a Breakthrough Player nomination in round four. With huge potential; Laitiah is definently a player to keep an eye on.

#3 – Emma Smith (West Adelaide)

Emma Smith is one of those players who has the potential to become something special. The number 18 for West Adelaide had a very consistent year this season, collecting 77 disposals at a respectable 70% disposal efficiency. This added to the fact that she was Scared Hearts Captain … means she has the leadership to not only back up her impressive skills but to also follow in the footsteps of one of her close friends and recent Crows draftee.

#2 - Indy Tahau (South Adelaide)

2019 marked Indy Tahau’s first season of senior SANFLW football but you wouldn’t be able to tell it if you ever saw her play. She finished the season in the top ten in the league for marks and she also played big role in this year’s SANFLW Grand Final with 2 goals and 20 disposals; a performance that saw her receive the Best on Ground award. In total, the fast paced forward played 12 games this SANFLW season and finished with eight goals, 148 disposals and 36 marks. With all this in mind, it is safe to say you should keep an eye on her going forwards.

#1 – Teah Charlton (South Adelaide)

And finally, coming in at number one is South Adelaide’s Teah Charlton. Now she doesn’t need much of an explanation as to why she is at number one on our list. The Panther product was awarded the 2019 Breakthrough Player Award after all. However, her stats for this season alone pretty much sum her up; she played 11 games this season and collected 189 disposals, averaged seven tackles a game and kicked 11 goals. And this led her to finish in the top ten in the league for total goals, disposals and tackles. This coupled with an outstanding performance in the U17s Grand Final, makes it scary to think of what Teah is capable of going forwards.


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