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Top Eight: Best U18 SANFLW Players. Part Two


We are back for part two of the Top Eight Best SANFLW Players.

We took our time and did our research to make sure we could do justice for these players. And we are confident we did, however, as always there are some unlucky players who unfortunately just missed out.

Once again, the same rules reply to this list; as in if the players were eligible for this year’s Central Allies or U18 state squad then they are eligible for our list. And obviously, this years draftees aren't included on this list.

So, without further ado, these are the Top Eight Best U18 SANFLW Players (part two).

#8 – Kimberly Fry (Central District)

To start our list; we thought we would look towards a very promising Central District product. A member of the 2019 Central Allies team, Kimberly was a reliable performer for one of the SANFLWs newest teams. Finishing the season with a total of 84 disposals from nine games; along with an average of four tackles and two rebound 50s a game. This all adds up to make Kimberly a very promising player and one that we will have to keep an eye on going forwards.

#7 – Tesharna Maher (Woodville – West Torrens)

Tesharna Maher is an extremely promising Eagle product. This two-time U18 state player (2018 and 2019) and two-time Central Allies player (2018 and 2019), finished the 2019 SANFLW season with a strong 74 disposals at an impressive 80% disposal efficiency. This, along with an average of three tackles a game from the eight games she played this SANFLW season; goes to show just how much this promising Eagle is capable of.

#6 – Alysha Healy (Sturt)

Alysha Healy could have gone a lot higher on our list. Playing seven games for the Double Blue’s this year, she collected a respectable 37 disposals at a 68% disposal efficiency. However, with two Premierships to her name (one with Payneham and one with Waratah) and two appearances for the Central Allies (2018 and 2019), Alysha would easily make our top eight list for the best Northern Territory players. And with this in mind; this will certainly not be the last time we hear the name, Alysha Healy.

#5 – Teagan Usher (Woodville – West Torrens)

One of many stand out youngsters for the Eagles; Teagan Usher’s recent performance in the yellow, green and blue was one of the biggest positives for the SANFLWs newest addition. Collecting 78 disposals from just eight games this year, Teagan not only earned a spot in the Central Allies, but she also made the most of it. However, she is no stranger to representing South Australia, having also represented the state in 2018. And we are confident that this season will be the first of many impressive seasons for Teagan Usher.

#4 – Madisyn Freeman (Glenelg)

We believe that Madisyn Freeman’s recent performance this SANFLW season is a sure sign of good things to come. This three-time U18s state player, collected a total of 94 disposals and averaged four tackles and two clearances a game from the 11 SANFLW games she played this year in the yellow and black. And it isn’t a surprise that this performance led her to a spot in this year’s Central Allies team. Nonetheless, if her recent performance is anything to go by, this will be far from the last time we hear about her.

#3 – Emily Brockhurst (South Adelaide)

Emily Brockhurst is a player who seems to go under the radar. In fact, she was rather low on our list but the more research we did … the higher she climbed. A very consistent performer for the Panthers, Emily finished the 2019 season with 64 disposals at a respectable 61% efficiency. These stats sit nicely alongside her other accolades; the 2018 U18s Christies Beach Best and Fairest, the 2018 SANFLW U17s Premiership, the 2018 SAWFL U18s Premiership and finally the 2019 SANFLW Premiership. Three Premierships in two years; can’t get much better than that.

#2 – Amber Ward (North Adelaide)

Amber Ward was meant to be on part one of this series, but we thought we would save her for this list because she deserved to go higher. With two years (24 games) already spent with North Adelaide; 2019 saw her collect an outstanding 162 disposals at an 82% disposal efficiency. This, along with an average of five rebound 50s and three tackles a game; goes to show what type of a player Amber Ward can be going forwards. It was this performance that not only saw her make the Central Allies team, but also the SANFLW Team of the Year as well. That, is exactly why we waited for part two.

#1 – Abbie Ballard (West Adelaide)

And finally, the number one spot on our list goes to West Adelaide’s Abbie Ballard. We can start by saying that Abbie collected an outstanding 54 tackles in just ten SANFLW games this season, which saw her finish sixth in the league for total tackles. Meanwhile, she also averaged four clearances a game and finished with a total of 161 disposals. It was this performance that saw her earn a spot in this year’s Central Allies team. However, this wasn’t the first time that she has represented the state, having previously represented South Australia at an U15s, U16s and U18s level. And she is also no stranger to Premiership success either; as she is a proud part of the highly successful Strathalbyn Football Club. So, considering everything she has achieved already; it is safe to say that she is certainly a player worth keeping an eye on and is certainly worthy of our number one spot.


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