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Top Eight: Hidden Gems of SANFLW

Updated: Mar 4, 2020


We can all agree that football is a chaotic game; 18 players for each team on the field at once, not to mention the ones on the interchange bench or the unlucky few that weren’t selected to play.

Because of all this, it becomes easy to overlook great players. This may be because they do not rack up huge numbers or have countless accolades to their name but at the end of the day, they are still great players.

The hidden gems that appear on this list are players who might not be biggest names in SANFLW football yet; but they are still great players for their respective teams and play their role brilliantly.


#8 Sam Pratt (South Adelaide)

Sam Pratt is at number eight because it’s a miracle that she’s even on the list. The 2019 SANFLW Premiership player collected South Adelaide’s Most Courageous Player Award this year; which sits nicely along side the 102 disposals and 44 tackles she collected this season.

#7 Colbie Frankland (Woodville-West Torrens)

The Christies Beach product was a late bloomer this season. Making her debut in round five, she grasped the opportunity and never let it go; playing all the remaining six games. She was also a consistent performer; wracking up three tackles a game.

#6 Kiana Lee (Woodville-West Torrens)

Kiana Lee is one player that most Eagle supporters should know and she has the potential to be a lot bigger than she currently is. A powerful forward, Kiana finished the 2019 SANFLW season with 80 marks which places her fifth in the league for marks while she also comes in at eighth for total goals kicked this year.

#5 Maya Rigter (Sturt)

Maya Rigter from the Double Blues is someone you would want around the footy. In 2019, the humble product averaged nearly eight tackles a game during the ten SANFLW games she played. Placing her fourth in the league for the number of tackles.

#4 Airlie Schirmer (South Adelaide)

Airlie Schirmer might not be the type of player who racks up 20 disposals a game; but it’s what she does with the football that makes her special. The youngster finished the 2019 season with an outstanding 96% disposal efficiency, this, along with the work she does at school and in the junior grades; means that Airlie has a great level of leadership for someone her age.

#3 Amber Ward (North Adelaide)

Amber Ward hasn’t missed a game for North Adelaide in two years (24 games total). But the most impressive part is the fact that she finished the 2019 season with an average of 12 disposals a game with a 82% disposal efficiency. Reliability and talent at its finest.

#2 Tamsyn Morriss (Glenelg)

Tamsyn Morriss or more commonly known as Nipper; is a very promising Glenelg youngster. In 2019 alone, the proud Tiger collected 71 disposals ad averaged two rebound 50s and three tackles a game. She’s definitely a player to watch going forwards.

#1 Jaslynne Smith (South Adelaide)

Coming in at number one is the two-time premiership player Jaslynne Smith. It’s a miracle how much she can go under the radar considering her level of composure down back and her outstanding consistency. She just plays her role perfectly; in 2019 she finished with 109 disposals at a 78% disposal efficiency along with an average of three rebound 50s. Not the biggest name but definitely one of the biggest contributors.


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