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Top Eight: SANFLW Young Guns of 2020 (Part One)

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

A week is a long time in football, which means that the next eight weeks is going to feel like an eternity for most.

But in just the first four rounds of the SANFL Women’s competition, we have been given a glimpse into the future, with some standout performers from some of the league’s youngest players.

So, we thought why not highlight some of the league’s best young guns from this season so far, and at least then we will have something to look forward to once football makes its highly anticipated return.

For this list, we are solely focusing on players that were 18 and under as of Round One this SANFLW season, and their position on this list is purely judged on that player’s performance so far this year.

Stay tuned for the Top Eight: SANFLW Young Guns of 2020 (Part Two)


#8 Laitiah Huynh (Central District)

This young Central District prospect is continuing to make herself known, and it is easy to see why just by looking at her performances from her three games this SANFLW season. A very reliable performer for the Bulldogs, she has collected a total of 42 disposals while also averaging a comfortable three tackles and two marks a game.

#7 Kiana Lee (Woodville – West Torrens)

Kiana Lee is currently one of, if not the best young forward in competition. With four games under her belt this year, she is currently sitting fourth for the league’s Leading Goalkicker with seven goals and is also sitting second in the league for total contested marks with eight. As well as this, Kiana has also managed a total of 41 disposals along with an average of four marks and three tackles a game.

#6 Isobel Kuiper (Sturt)

Sturt certainly has no shortage of young talent, and for a prime example, it is hard to look pass Isobel Kuiper. 2020 marks only her second year of SANFLW football, yet she has already collected 48 disposals with a 73% disposal efficiency, and has also managed an average of six tackles, three marks and two clearances a game. She is currently eighth in the league for total tackles, with her skills on full display during Round Three, when she gathered a total of 18 disposals, six tackles, five marks and four clearances. This same performance also saw her receive the Round Three Breakthrough Player nomination.

#5 Hannah Ewings (North Adelaide)

As the youngest player on this list, North Adelaide’s Hannah Ewings is simply full of promise. So far this season, the young gun has collected a total of 43 disposals, which she rarely wasted thanks to her 79% disposal efficiency. She has also managed an average of four tackles and three marks a game and has also booted a total of three goals for the season. She burst onto the scene in Round One and received the Breakthrough Player nomination. However, she followed it up the following week with arguably her best performance of the year, as she finished with 17 disposals, five marks, three tackles and a goal. All this adds up to make Hannah one extremely promising youngster.

#4 Mattea Breed (Norwood)

Coming in at number four is the promising Norwood player from the Northern Territory. It didn’t take long for Mattea to make her presence felt in the SANFLW, because in Round Two she collected an impressive total of 21 disposals, six rebound 50s and five tackles, which saw her receive the Round Two Breakthrough Player nomination. All up, this promising prospect has collected a total of 65 disposals with a 66% disposal efficiency and has booted one goal from her first four games. Add to this, an average of four clearances, three marks and three tackles a game, and it equals a player that has some serious potential.

#3 Abbie Ballard (West Adelaide)

Currently fourth in the league for total disposals, with a total of 73 from four games, and sixth in the league for total clearances, with a total of 16, Abbie Ballard is quickly becoming a player that is a must-watch. Along with her disposal and clearance count, she has also managed an average of four tackles, four clearances and two marks a match. She instantly made her presence felt in Round One, which sits as her best performance this season, as she finished the match with 27 disposals, five marks and four tackles.

#2 Tess Kohn (Glenelg)

As a player that is very talented yet highly underrated, Tess Kohn’s first year of SANFLW football has certainly been a standout one so far, as she currently leads the league in total clearances. The young Tiger has collected a total of 54 disposals from her first four games, while also managing an average of five tackles and five clearances a game. So far, she has been getting better with each passing round, with Round Four seeing her collect 18 disposals, seven clearances and five tackles, which was enough to earn her the Breakthrough Player nomination for that week.

#1 Teah Charlton (South Adelaide)

Currently leading the league in total disposals and total inside 50s, the 2019 Breakthrough Player award recipient has certainly continued to make her presence known this season. From four games this year, she has collected a total of 76 disposals with a 74% disposal efficiency, as well as managing a strong average of five tackles, three clearances and two marks a game. However, her best game thus far this season came in Round Three, when she collected a total of 26 disposals, five tackles and three clearances during South Adelaide’s win over Norwood.

Stay tuned for Part Two!

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