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Top Eight: Standout NAB League Girls of 2020 (Part Two)

Updated: May 26, 2020

We are back for Part Two of our Standout NAB League Girls of 2020 list. While we haven’t gotten to see many rounds this season, that doesn’t mean that there haven’t already been some standouts.

From dominant rucks to heavy-hitting mids; we have found eight very strong players to finish off our series with.

As with Part One, the positions on this list are judged purely by that player’s performance during the first few rounds of the 2020 NAB League Girls season, so any stats or awards from pervious years will not be taken into consideration.


Honourable Mentions:

As this is our final part of our Standout NAB League Girls of 2020 series, the following honourable mentions go to players that received several nominations for our list and that were very unlucky not to make the final eight.

Keeley Skepper (Murray Bushrangers)

Kate Adams (Murray Bushrangers)

Annie Lee (Geelong Falcons)


#8 Georgia Kitchell (Northern Knights)

To kick off our list we look towards the current league leader for total hit outs, Northern Knights’ Georgia Kitchell. Georgia has collected a strong total of 23 disposals and 15 tackles from her first three games this season, however it is her total of 59 hit outs that has earnt her this spot.

#7 Winnie Laing (Sandringham Dragons)

Collecting 60 disposals, ten tackles and six marks from just three games, Winnie Laing has certainly had a strong to the 2020 season. Add to this a goal, and it makes Winnie a player that is worth keeping an eye on when football finally makes its return.

#6 Darcy Moloney (Geelong Falcons)

Coming in at our number six spot is another Geelong Falcon that has made her presence felt in the first few rounds. Darcy Moloney managed to collect an outstanding total of 53 disposals and seven tackles despite playing just two matches.

#5 Tarni Brown (Eastern Ranges)

Tarni Brown is another player that managed to become a standout despite playing just two games before the season was suspended. In total, she booted one goal while also managing a solid total of 48 disposals, nine tackles and five marks.

#4 Jemma Finning (Bending Pioneers)

One of the most impressive overall performances on this list, Bendigo’s Jemma Finning managed to show her class in just three matches. Collecting an impressive total of 45 disposals,14 tackles, ten rebound 50s and eight marks. There doesn’t seem to be much of a weakness in any part of her game.

#3 Jessica Fitzgerald (Northern Knights)

It takes something special to standout in a team that has as many good players as the Northern Knights do, but Jessica Fitzgerald has managed to pull it off. In just three matches, she has collected an outstanding total of 56 disposals, 11 tackles and four marks while also managing to boot two goals as well.

#2 Eliza McNamara (Sandringham Dragons)

We wish football had kept going just so we could see how impressive Eliza McNamara’s performance would have been by the end of the year. As in just her first three games this season, the talented Dragon booted two goals and also managed a total of 52 disposals, 19 tackles and seven marks.

#1 Ellie McKenzie (Northern Knights)

The Northern Knights have certainly had a dream start to the 2020 NAB League Girls season, and it is because of high calibre players like Ellie McKenzie that it has been possible. Managing to impress at all the key aspects of footy, Ellie gathered an impressive total of 57 disposals, 15 marks, 14 inside 50s and seven tackles from just the fist three games alone. She also managed to add a goal to her tally, making her a player that is definitely worth watching going forwards.

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