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Top Eight: Ways to Keep Busy While in Lockdown

If you are like us, then you have never experienced a time with so much uncertainty. With daily news updates getting more and more worse, it is a very sad and tough time for many people around the globe.

For most, the only uncertainty that we have had to face in the past would be whether our team was going to win on the weekend or if that assignment was really due on Friday.

With information seemingly changing with each passing day, the best advice would have to be to just stay home if your job is not essential. This, along with the postponement or cancellation of all football in the country, has left a lot of players at home and a bit lost as to what to do next.

In a time when many are facing economic, mental and/or physical problems. We thought we would break the trend of sad information for a little bit and focus on what some female footballers are doing/going to do while in ‘lockdown’.

To get this right, we have collaborated with the greatest number of players for one of our lists yet and have asked over 50 female players from across the nation, as to how they will keep busy while in lockdown.

This not a guide as to how to spend the lockdown, but instead some ideas for those at home who are looking for something to keep them busy during this tough time. So, sit back, relax and practice your social distancing, here are the Top Eight: Ways to Keep Busy While in Lockdown.


#8 Homework …

This comes in at number eight because it was one of the most common responses that we got, although it certainly wasn’t the most popular way to spend your time. With no football to watch or play, you suddenly don’t have much of an excuse as to why you can get your homework finished.

It is not all bad, in fact for you year 12 or university students that are busy juggling work, footy and study, suddenly you can have some much-needed time to just focus on your education. That is a real glass half full type of perspective.

#7 Binge Time

Behind homework and just “sitting around waiting for footy”, binge watching films and shows is by far the most common response that we have got from players. It makes sense, you are at home, you have a television, why not use it. Now, we are not saying spend the entire day in front of the television, but it is certainly a good way to pass the time.

We have also gone one further than just telling you that binge-watching is on their to-do list. As we have also managed to come up with a list of things that some of these talented footballers will be watching. So if you are thinking of watching something, let us point you in the right direction with titles such as Friends, Lucifer, The Vampire Diaries, Greys Anatomy, Summer Heights High, Point Break and Stranger.

#6 Footy Flashbacks

From watching movies to football re-runs. There is nothing better to do when there is no football on, than to watch games that remind you of what you are missing out on. Most of us would have a few favourite games, and watching our favourites not only reminds us of why we love the game but also, it spares us the sadness of our team losing. That is, if you are like us and only watch games that your team wins. Maybe even take the chance to sit back and watch your own highlight reel, just don’t tell anyone that you are watching it.

So, it back, relax and put on the 2018 SANFLW or the 1964 SANFL Grand Final and it will be like football never went away.

#5 Hobbies Old & New

Now that we have a considerable amount of spare time to spend, some players have taken the initiative and have used this time to pick up new hobbies. From kicking goals to setting goals, we have heard everything from cooking to sewing to teaching their dog new tricks. Overall, it is a productive way to pass the time, not just picking up new hobbies but also practicing the old ones as well.

#4 Family Fun

Coming in at number four is one of the more wholesome responses that we got. It is a pretty emotional time that we are going through but being in lockdown doesn’t necessarily mean that you are completely alone. Still practicing the government’s hygiene and social distancing guidelines, you can still dust off the old Wii or get out the board games to help pass the time.

It gives us a good chance to bond during such a difficult time, although being in lockdown for a while might put extra strain on the sibling rivalries. But that is something that a game of Battleship or Wii Sports can easily settle.

#3 Home Workouts

With football seasons cancelled or postponed and gyms closed, one of the hardest things for footballers will be keeping their fitness up over the next month or so. Instead of stocking up on toilet paper, some are choosing gym equipment. Likewise, some are choosing to go for runs around the backyard, around the block or simply up and down the stairs a few times.

Some have their boxing bag ready while other players have pumped up their footballs or dusted off their basketball hoops, ready for the weeks ahead.

#2 Preseason 2.0

This follows on from our previous point surrounding home workouts but takes the whole staying fit thing even further. A lot of footballers spent months going through preseason, only to play a few games and are now into what people call pre-preseason or preseason 2.0. One positive of the postponement of the season, is that it does give injured players a lot of time to recover. However, for those who are currently match fit, it will be difficult to stay on top of things with no access to gyms or team trainings.

So preseason 2.0, involves more than just home workouts, but also eating and sleeping properly, trying to keep life as similar to normal, just without the scheduled trainings or matches. It is certainly easier said than done, but just minimising some of the impacts of the lockdown, will at least make it easier to return to football when the time comes.

#1 Staying Safe

While busy collecting people’s ideas for this list, we came across a lot of players that are feeling lost and upset. Calling this a difficult time is an understatement, but we are in this together. Players are choosing to not let this get the better of them, and instead look to spend the lockdown continuing gym work and healthy living. While others look to pick up new hobbies, concentrate on school or get some good quality family time.

Staying home saves lives, but that doesn’t mean that you have to sit at home and do absolutely nothing. Football will eventually make its return; we just have to stay strong and look out for each other until that day finally comes.

We are not here to spread mis-information, so if you want to learn more about Coronavirus (COVID -19) and the measures that you can take, please visit the World Health Organization or the Australian Government website for more details.

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