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Top Eight - Ways to Spend the Off-Season

It is that time of the year when most football leagues around the country are heading into their final few weeks—and for those who may not be continuing into their league’s final series this year, we have cultivated a list of the Top Eight Ways to Spend the Off-Season.

But since this topic is a little out of our paygrade, we put the question out to our viewers—and what we got in return was a bunch of different ways that AFLW, state league and local footballers spend their off-season.

This list is not judged by which way is better, it is simply judged by which response was the most common—with the number one spot being reserved for the response we received the most.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy some different ways that you could spend your off-season.


#8 Rehab & Recovery

We will kick off this list with easily the saddest response that we received from players. Getting injured is worse enough but getting injured during the final few weeks of the season is next level pain. Spending the off-season doing rehab isn’t what most players would want to do, especially after training and working hard all season.

Some players get injured during the last quarter of their final match of the year—in which case at least they don’t really miss out on much as there is no “next week”. But our hearts really go out to those who miss out on finals due to injury, it always seems to happen to the best of us.

#7 Travel

Well we think that this plan has been heavily restricted due to everything that’s going on at the moment—especially if you live in Victoria. But for those outside of Victoria, it looks like spending some time to explore is on their agenda.

It does make sense, suddenly you have three-free days a week—so why not spend it by heading to new or favourite destinations?

#6 Study

Whether it is online classes or in-person, school or university—there always seems to be work that needs to be done. For most students, football provides a very good excuse to put-off homework.

So as we enter the off-season, there is no good excuse not to stay on top of your studying, and even though it may not feel like the best way to spend that extra free-time, it certainly beats rushing to finish it the night-before its due.

#5 Work

Work is similar to studying … but at least you get paid for working. For those who study, work and play football—we salute you. For those of us who just work and play—at least now you have some extra shifts that you can pick up, besides … money is always good.

#4 Family & Friends

One of the more common and wholesome responses we received was simply to spend as much of the off-season with friends and family as possible.

Spending time with loved ones is always good … so why not spend the extra free time doing that?

#3 Play Another Sport

While playing another sport during the off-season is certainly nothing knew, what surprised us was just how diverse the different sports are. We heard some of the more expected sports, such as basketball, volleyball, Gaelic footy, or some summer netball. Then there were the more relaxing and causal sports, such as table tennis, swimming, or surfing.

But sitting at the very peak of off-season sports, easily the most demanding on this list and probably what most wouldn’t think of doing during their so-called “off-season” … is triathlons. Yes, triathlons … it is certainly one way to stay fit, and is reserved for the most ambitious and fittest of the football-world.

#2 Put the Feet Up

After spending the last few months—or for some, half the year training and playing football, taking some time to relax and rewind is certainly justified.

There is nothing wrong with taking a break—and on the back of a busy footy season coupled with everything has been going on in the world. Take some time to relax, some players turn to drawing, dancing or binge watching … but wanting to put your feet up is certainly something we all can relate to.

#1 Wait there’s an Off-Season?

Not surprisingly, one of the most common responses to our question was another question … simply asking what an off-season is. With the season being pushed later into the year … by the time most finish their 2020 season, its time to go back for preseason training for the upcoming 2021 season.

For a considerable amount of players—the short break between the 2020 and 2021 seasons is reserved for gym work and personal trainings, all in attempt to help develop and improve for the new year, which we all hope is a hell of a lot better than this year.

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