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Twelve Questions - Cheyenne Mallia

Nickname: Chey, Chai Latte or Chey Fry, depends on the team.

First Year of Footy: 2010 (AusKick).

Current Team: Undecided at this stage.

Favourite Playing Position: Wing, because I get to move everywhere.

Playing Number: The one and only number 7.


What is your favourite way to spend an off-day?

"Favourite way to spend an off day is watching Brodie Moss on YouTube."

What is your favourite oval to play on and why?

"My favourite oval to play in would have to be Punt Road Oval or Collingwood's old oval" (Victoria Park).

What was it that motivated you to play footy?

"My brother used to play so I was always sitting on the sidelines watching him as a young kid! My family tell me that I would love to have try copy what the boys were doing from the sidelines! I also have a cousin who is a very talented footballer and was approached by Richmond and Collingwood in around 2009 but turned down the offer as he only wanted to play for fun, which he has always said he is regretted it."

How would you describe your own footballing journey?

"To describe my football journey, it would have to be a lot of bullying and injuries. As a kid I played with the boys and only transferred to the girls when I was 15. I started in Western Jets in 2017 but was unlucky with injuries from the get-go! In 2019 I had a seizure in February so I missed out on the first 2 rounds of the futures games and in the last round I finally got an all clear to play so I was excited but when I was playing I tackled a girl and got knocked out whilst tackling her."

What has been your favourite footballing experience and why?

"My favourite footballing experience would have to be kicking my first goal in inter league 2016. I was always a backliner as a kid, so I did not have much experience in the forward line but as soon as I kicked the goal which happened to be the match winning goal the whole team got around me and I had the biggest smile on my face."

Who is your sporting/footy role model and why?

"My footy role model would have to be tied in between Brent Harvey as he is a small footballer just like me and a lot of people brought he would have been too small to play but now he is the game record holder! Also, Emma Kearny as she helped me when times were tough as I played for Melbourne Uni last year before we folded, and she used to play there as well."

What would you say is your most favourite and least favourite thing about footy?

"My favourite thing about football would have to be making lifelong friends! All of my closest friends have been formed from football which I am so great full for! My least favourite thing about footy would have to be the 2km time trial during preseason! Man, that is horrible."

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