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Twelve Questions - Kadie Fletcher

Nickname: Fletch

First Year of Footy: 2017

Current Team: Aspley Football Club & Brisbane Lions Academy

Favourite Playing Position: wing/centre half back

Playing Number: 18


What is your favourite way to spend an off-day?

"Love spending an off day either shopping or out with mates."

What is your favourite oval to play on and why?

"Absolutely love playing at Hickey Park or Leyshon Park because there is always immaculate energy in the game when we play there."

What was it that motivated you to play footy?

"I have been told I am so weird for this but I got into footy because I saw a group of kids running laps around an oval and I joined in and turns out there’s a footy involved."

How would you describe your own footballing journey?

"I would describe my footy journey as something that has not only developed me physically but mentally. obviously it’s not always been so easy to manage and there are very difficult stages throughout bettering yourself but that’s what footy is about."

What has been your favourite footballing experience and why?

"Favourite football experience would be getting to travel for competitions and seeing parts of Australia that I would never imagine seeing."

Who is your sporting/footy role model and why?

"Role model would have to be Scott Pendlebury. The way he moves the footy and involves himself in every play is so effortless yet so effective."

What would you say is your most favourite and least favourite thing about footy?

"My most favourite thing about footy is definitely the culture and environment and developing new understandings of the game."

"Least favourite would probably be having to play on a hot and muggy day."

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