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Twelve Questions - Maree Stephenson

Nickname: Muzz

First Year of Footy: 2017

Current Team: Calder Cannons, Wallan JFC

Favourite Playing Position: Ruck rover, center half back

Playing Number: 23,28


What is your favourite way to spend an off-day?

"Hit a day at the gym or go for a swim or take my horse out for a trail ride."

What is your favourite oval to play on and why?

"Wallan, so many memories and I learnt everything there."

What was it that motivated you to play footy?

"Wanted to try something new. I have played many different sports and wanted to try something new."

How would you describe your own footballing journey?

"Great, I have loved every second been blessed to travel thanks to footy and it has helped me make so many friends and helped me grown so much."

What has been your favourite footballing experience and why?

"It would have to be playing for team Vic, I was blessed to travel to Tassie and represent Victoria. We won the SSA Cup, it was an amazing experience."

Who is your sporting/footy role model and why?

"Brittany Bonnici and Chloe Molly, both great footy players amazing work ethics."

What would you say is your most favourite and least favourite thing about footy?

"Favourite thing would have to be my development I have been at Calder since the end of 2019

And for once being a young one I have got to watch some great players and learn that’s what I’m there for and I have never been so blessed."

"My least favourite thing would be injuries and when there no footy."

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