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Twelve Questions with Katelyn Rosenzweig

Nickname: Rosie

First Year of Footy: 2019

Current Team: Central Districts and Willaston

Favourite Playing Position: Centre Half Forward

Playing Number: Number 2 (at Centrals)


What is your favourite way to spend an off-day?

"I’m very family oriented so my days off usually include a sleep in and then a visit out to mum’s place to hang out with my little brother or to my brother’s house to see my niece and nephew."

What is your favourite oval to play on and why?

"Favourite oval would have to be X-Convenience Oval as I just love the space around the ground and I absolutely adore walking off and seeing all of our supporters."

What was it that motivated you to play footy?

"I always wanted to play after years of watching my brothers and one day their team was short on players and I got asked by the coach if I wanted to fill in and I just haven’t looked back.

How would you describe your own footballing journey?

"I’ve been very fortunate, from my days running around with the boys I’ve not had anything to stop me from playing as the girls league started to take off when I was old enough to join it. I’ve been very lucky to be around some amazing people through my time in the state program and at the Crows, but especially in my time spent playing SANFLW."

What has been your favourite footballing experience and why?

"I’ve got plenty of experiences I love, but my favourite would probably have to be winning the premiership in 2018 playing for Salisbury."

Who is your sporting/footy role model and why?

"I’d probably say Chelsea Randall, she’s been a team mate and coach for me over the years and I just love the way she goes about her football and how much she puts her body on the line for her team. Very selfless player."

What would you say is your most favourite and least favourite thing about footy?

"My favourite thing would just be playing, as ironic as it sounds. Football is my outlet and there’s nothing I love more than game day! My least favourite things is easily injuries, I’ve had my fair share and it’s the worst thing having to watch from the sidelines."

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