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Twelve Questions with Kiara Upitis

Nickname: Brusier

First Year of Footy: 2016 I think, Willunga's first year in the GSFLW

Current Team: Mount Compass Bulldogs

Favourite Playing Position: Centre Half Back, Ruck Rover

Playing Number: 53


What is your favourite oval to play on and why?

"My favourite oval is probably Strath or Yank. Strath is the obvious one, it’s just very well looked after and has good facilities. I also like Yank because I played one of my hardest games there last season and I would also say it’s just a nice location."

What is your favourite way to spend an off-day?

"I love being busy, I get bored so easily, however, I don’t have many off days or free time. I play basketball as well as footy and am currently studying Paramedic Science at Flinders University. I do like to do a pilates class every now and then when I get the free chance or go and visit my younger siblings."

What was it that motivated you to play footy?

"At the time I had just stopped playing District Basketball because there were very limited teams for girls my age and my friends asked me to come out to training. I hadn’t grown up around much local footy but always watched the AFL with my family so gave it a go. I was always a very physical basketballer, so naturally, I loved the game and managed to fit right in."

How would you describe your own footballing journey?

"My football journey has always been up and down. I started at Willinga and we won the first premiership. I’ve loved it since then, constantly striving to be the best player I can be, however, I am a busy person so the game didn’t take priority. I finished school and was working hospitality so missed many games."

"I then decided to move clubs to Mount Compass where we were sponsored by my families business and the group of girls and the bond we have as a team is amazing. I can say, footy still doesn’t have the number 1 priority as I’ve already missed 3 or 4 games this season but I make it to every training and give game days my all."

What has been your favourite footballing experience and why?

"My favourite footballing experience was my year 11 school football grand final that we played at Adelaide Oval before the Port Adelaide game. It was such a surreal experience and an amazing day to be a part of."

Who is your sporting/footy role model and why?

"I don’t really have a footy role model because I grew up playing basketball so my icon would probably be Michael Jordan as he has some great life experiences and morals that I think are valuable for any sportspeople."

"However, my favourite sporting quote would be 'hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard' or my dad has always said to me 'long term pain for short term gain' and it just makes me think about how hard I can work in this current moment."

What would you say is your most favourite and least favourite thing about footy?

"Most favourite is having fun and learning new skills and that feeling when you finally execute something as a team that you have been working on at training. It just really makes you feel like the hard work is paying off."

"Least favourite for me is the pressure, it really gets to me and impacts my game. I hate being compared to other people so trials and that kind of thing are really difficult for me."

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