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U15 All Australian Girls Team of the Decade

Most would label U18 All Australian honours as the biggest indication of a players potential, but in many cases the writing was on the wall much earlier when they received U15 All Australian honours.

Using the "U15 School Sport Australia All Australian Girls Australian Football Teams" from 2013 to 2019 as a reference, we have put together our U15 All Australian Girls Team of the Decade.

Ranging from current stars to rising ones, there have been many fantastic female footballers that have earned U15 All Australian honours throughout the years--and now we have put together the very best of the best.

Each of these players have earned U15 All Australian honours at some stage during their footballing journey, and each player has the year and the state that they were representing when they earned the honour listed under them.

Captain: Maddy Prespakis

Vice-Captain: Tahlia Randall

Originally, the aim was to select just three from each year's team, however the amount of talent from the 2016 and 2017 sides in particular forced us to reevaluate our plan. But we still managed to represent each year with at least one player.

Looking forwards a few years, there are no doubt some members of the 2019 U15 All Australian side that will turn into quite the prospects--the most notable being South Australia's Lauren Young and Bridie Nye, or Victoria's Jasmine Flemming. Likewise, there are others from previous years that were unlikely to miss out, such as Abbie Ballard and Serene Watson.

Our U15 All Australia Team of the Decade includes some very familiar names in Richmond's Monique Conti, Adelaide's Sarah Allan and Melbourne's Lily Mithen. Then there is the more recent stars with the likes of Maddy Prespakis, Roxy Roux and Ellie McKenzie.

Then there's the future stars, such Gypsy Schirmer, Montana Ham, Georgie Prespakis and the only 2019 squad debutant to make our side, Keeley Kustermann.

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