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Zoe Hill - the Stringray

"Just to enjoy yourself and make the most of it."


It seems like just yesterday that we kicked off our NAB League Team of the Week series, possibly because time has seemed to slow with no footy to look forward to.

Regardless, in our inaugural Team of the Week this year, there was a defender that immediately caught our attention.

Finishing the Round Two match with a total of 11 disposals, five rebound 50s, three tackles and three marks, the player that caught our attention was none other than Dandenong’s Zoe Hill.

Being brought up as a Saint Kilda fan and falling in love with the game at an early age, Zoe was always destined to put on the footy boots at some point, it was just a matter of whether she would get the chance.

“My brother also played for Dandenong Stingrays which made me interested when I used to watch him. Then when they allowed girl teams to form I thought I would try it out.”

Originally however, she was also basketballer at high school level with the Frankston Blues, but she eventually “had to give it up for footy because it was taking up too much time”.

Loving football for the fitness and friendship side of it, isn’t that much of a surprise then to hear that she has been achieving most of the goals that she has set herself over the past four years.

This includes playing in and winning two local Premierships with Mount Eliza in 2017 and 2018, both of which she received the Best on Ground in.

2017 also saw her make the Victoria Country team, and she would also go on to train with the side again in 2018.

“It was awesome playing with the best of the best of the state and I felt so privileged being able to put on the big country jumper.”

And she also won the League Best and Fairest with Mount Eliza back in 2016.

With a list of accolades like this, it is no wonder that she has some cherished memories, which are, along with representing Victoria Country and winning the Grand Finals, “making the Stingrays list in my first year of footy and being part of the leadership group”.

As for her time with the Stingrays, she says that it has been “really great past three years. Every year the standard has gotten better, and they feel like a second family”.

However, with the high level of dedication and passion for the game that Zoe has, how is she coping now with no games or even trainings?

“Pretty good, keeping up my fitness. I love running so I usually go for one every day and I’m keeping on top of my schoolwork but miss it so much.”

And while it might hurt her chances of getting drafted this year, at least she is still remaining positive and upbeat, and with an attitude like this, it won’t be long until we do see her achieve her main goal.

And it is this same positive mindset that has seen her remember all those who have helped her reach this promising position, the same people that she would now like to take a chance to thank.

“Definitely my old coach Nick Rutley he helped me improve immensely. Also, my local coaches that taught me all the basics.“And my mum and dad that have spent to so much time out of their lives driving me everywhere.”

So, what is next for this highly promising and talented Stingray?

Well other than the obvious goal of reaching the top tier, outside of football she wants to get into a business degree at university, run a marathon and even go the United States again.

So, it looks as if Zoe Hill is in for one very promising and exciting career both on and off the footy field.

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