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Zoe Hurrell - the Top Prospect

Updated: Jun 20, 2020


What does a player from the Eastern Allies, a Premiership Captain, and a very promising New South Wales prospect have in common?

Well for starters, we can all agree that these three accolades are all quite impressive.

However, the best part is that these three accolades all belong to the same player.

And we are of course talking about Sydney Uni’s very own Zoe Hurrell.

But just how promising is this humble product?

Well to understand just how promising she is, we need to provide some perspective on Zoe.

And for starters she has had no shortage of experience; with 2019 marking her seventh season of football, having previously played six seasons with her junior club (Willoughby Mosman Swans) and one with her senior club (Sydney Uni).

To add to this, she has achieved a considerable amount of success over the course of these seven seasons;

“I have played for NSW/ACT and the Eastern Allies 2018/2019 and in terms of awards I won Best and Fairest in Sydney juniors a couple times.”

“But the more significant ones would be making the Team of the Year for Sydney’s women’s Premier Division and placing 3rd for the Rising Star. I also got the opportunity to captain a winning premiership team in 2017.”

So, Zoe ticks the boxes in terms of accolades and experience. But there is more to her than just games played, and awards won.

And we are of course talking about her love of the game;

“I suppose footy is something I’ve always done and I enjoy the challenges where I have to push myself because it’s always rewarding but I also just enjoy the mates and getting to play with so many different people I wouldn’t have come to known otherwise.”

And some of these people in particular are;

“Definitely Georgia Garnett, I’ve played against and alongside her for the past couple years and we have similarities both on and off the field, so she’s become one of my best mates.”

“Senna Gulden and Ellie Hicks are also two people I’ve loved playing with and have become very close with. Also playing alongside and being coached by Lou Stephenson has also been great and I’ve learnt a lot from her.”

It is this great attitude towards her teammates, coaches and even opponents that can see Zoe go far in her football career.

And it has already taken her far already, with some of her favourites memorise from her career including;

“Definitely the National Carnivals; they’re always a really fun week with a good group of girls and coaches. Also, the few Grand Finals I’ve been able to play in, it sort of feels like a different type of footy but I’ve really enjoyed them, especially the wins.”

But this great mentality doesn’t just stop with the people that she has played alongside or against; as she also holds great gratitude and appreciation for those who have helped her;

“I’d definitely thank my dad; he’s been my coach both on and off the field and I wouldn’t be where I am today without him. My mum has also been there for the whole ride and endlessly patient.”

“I’d also thank Alicia Eva; she coached my state team last year, but I know I can always go back to her if I need anything and she’s taught me a lot.”

So, it is safe to say that Zoe ticks the boxes when it comes to skill, experience and a great mentality both on and off the field.

While going forwards for the humble product; “I’d wanna have a crack at getting drafted but I have a long way to go before I get there so just building on where I am currently”.

But considering her dedication and love of the outdoors; which sees her spend her offseason “going to the beach and during summer playing touch footy as well”.

While even in touch footy;

“I’ve always played for school but also played for UNSW at the senior state cup.”

It is safe to say that it will not take too long for Zoe to build up to AFLW standard from where she is now.

But remember when we asked just how promising is this humble product?

Well lets just keep the answer simple and say that Zoe Hurrell is a player that is defiantly worth keeping an eye on.

And this will not be the last time that we hear of her; that is for sure.



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