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Zoe Prowse - the Promising Blue

Updated: Nov 2, 2019


With the 2019 AFLW Draft done and dusted; many footballers have finally reached their ultimate dreams of making it onto an AFLW list.

But as the saying goes; for those who were too young to qualify or were unlucky not to get selected; there is always next year.

And looking forwards to the 2020 draft and beyond may seem like ages away; but time flies when you’re having fun.

So, we thought we would get a head start and look at some promising players for the next few draft years.

But what quality do we look for to decide whether they could one day be a draftee?

Well there is a lot of ways to judge potential; but one of the obvious things is to do is to look at the younger players playing at the top tiers.

Because there is usually a very good reason that teams put U18 players on their lists.

And with this in mind; we would like to introduce you to the Sturt youngster Zoe Prowse.

Now Zoe ticks most boxes when it comes to being someone with a lot of ‘potential’; whether she is willing to admit that or not is another thing entirely.

The humble product doesn’t have heaps of experience, but she has definitely made a mark on the years since she started;

“I only started playing footy in 2017 and I was playing for school. Then about halfway through the season in 2017 I filled in for Glenunga Rams and ended up finishing the season there and staying throughout 2018 season.”

“In 2018 I played under 15 Sturt and then played in the Women’s League season at the end of last year and the start of this year. I then moved to Mount Lofty this year to play in their women’s team.”

And as for making a mark, well she represented the state under 15’s last year and state under 16’s this year.

As for South Australian U16s game this year against Vic County; well that is a story that never gets old;

“The state game was down in Mt Gambier and we drove as a team up there on the bus which was a great experience. Then we played on Sunday against Vic Country and ended up winning by only a couple of goals making it an exciting game.”

Meanwhile, Zoe was also able to create a little bit of history of her own during that game;

“I also got Best on Ground for the game. But because we had trained so much for this one game, getting the win was so exciting and it made the entire experience so amazing for all of us girls.”

But arguably the most impressive part of Zoe’s football career is the age that she is competing at;

“Sturt league was an achievement for me because being 15 years old throughout all the games. At Mount Lofty, I got into the team of the year for the SAWFL Division 1 and I only played 7 out on the 13 games because I injury.”

But what is it like being so young and being a part of an SANFLW side?

“When I was at Sturt, weirdly enough I didn’t ever feel like I was one of the youngest there. Everyone was always so supportive of me and what I was doing.”

“The challenging thing was managing the amount of work they were expecting from me and how much they were wanting me to do.”

“Because I had never been at that level before I didn’t know the amount of work that was expected of you, so I found this quite challenging. But everyone there was so supportive of the few of us younger girls which made it so much easier.”

And despite being so young; she didn’t let that affect her game. As she was a consistent performer for Sturt; finishing her seven SANFLW games this season with an average of three tackles a game.

With a pretty nice number of accolades to her name already, there is sure to be plenty more added in the coming years. However, as for some of her favourite footy memories so far;

“I think for me I don’t have one main memory that has been my favourite. There have been many little things they may seem insignificant to other but for my team or I it was something to remember.”

“One of my favourite memories so far was winning our first Sturt game in the season. Although it wasn’t a great game, all of us girls were so excited to have won our first game of the season.”

“Another one of my favourite parts was the one state game we played this year because we had trained so hard for this one game and was able to come out with the win.”

And this brings us to another quality that makes Zoe extremely promising; and that quality is her attitude towards her team and teammates.

The right mentality is what can separate the good players from the great players.

Whether it is during or preparing for a game, the right mentality just goes that extra bit further;

“When preparing for my game, I make sure I have done everything well the 2 days before like eating the right food and drinking enough water. Throughout Sturt season we would also have music on before games which for me would relax the pressure a bit. I think when it comes to being young in a team, I always try and not over think things.”

“When playing I try to just play the game and don’t stress about doing the right things and playing the right game plans. I just try to enjoy the game rather than overthinking and feeling the pressure. Also having the support around me from all my teammates, friends and family really helps me throughout the games.”

And this travels over to the gratitude she holds for all those who have helped her;

“There have been so many people that have helped so much. All of my coach that I have ever had have helped me in some way or another. Especially at Sturt, as I have learnt most of how I play there.”

“My parents are very supportive and will always drive me wherever is necessary. And my sister, who encourages me and hasn’t missed one of my games.”

Considering her skills, experience and talent at such a young age … not to mention her mentality; it all begins to add up to equal someone with great potential.

So, looking forwards to the next few draft years; just remember the name Zoe Prowse because we sure will be.



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